LIVE NOW Nintendo Switch OLED restock is the best way to bag a console for Xmas

Bag your Nintendo Switch OLED in time for Xmas. Shop now and avoid disappointment on Christmas day

Nintendo Switch OLED
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Not that I want to give you a heart attack or anything, but seriously people, VERY HAS NINTENDO SWITCH OLED CONSOLES AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW.

And what's best about this console drop is that the Nintendo Switch OLED orders will be delivered before Christmas.

There's a bit of choice on offer, too, with two console and game bundles available for strong price points.

There's a Nintendo Switch OLED with Metroid Dread bundle, and a Nintendo Switch OLED with Pokemon: Shining Pearl and Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond bundle.

These console bundles are available to order right now at Very, with delivery confirmed on Very's website as being set for 17 December 2021. That's a week before Christmas, making it perfect for those shopping for Xmas gifts for gamers.

Here are the full details of both options:

Nintendo Switch OLED + Metroid Dread: £349.98 at Very

Nintendo Switch OLED + Metroid Dread: £349.98 at Very
Metroid Dread is the new hotness game-wise from Nintendo and here it can be bagged with the console for just £349.98. That's the console for RRP (nice) and the game for £40 (also nice).

Nintendo Switch OLED + Pokemon: £399.97 at Very

Nintendo Switch OLED + Pokemon: £399.97 at Very
Pokemon lovers will love this bundle, as it includes the two latest Pokemon games along with the Switch OLED for a good price point. You're getting the console for RRP and the games for £45 a piece.

If you take one look at T3's Nintendo Switch OLED stock checker you'll see how hard to come by Switch OLED stock is right now, so I suggest any UK gamer who wants a console to shop now in order to avoid disappointment.

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