Nintendo Switch OLED stock checker: where to buy a console before Black Friday

Get the latest on Nintendo Switch OLED restocks ahead of Black Friday 2021

Nintendo Switch OLED stock
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If you're wondering where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED then you've come to the right place, as T3 is following Nintendo Switch OLED restocks in both the USA and UK regions.

Following the Nintendo Switch OLED launch on October 8, initial stock sold out incredibly quickly and now, in the run up to the Black Friday deals super sale, many gamers are wondering when and where to expect the next tranche of consoles to drop.

The good news is that more consoles are expected in the coming weeks. The bad news is that, right now, there's next to no information as to when. That means that those gamers serious about finding Nintendo Switch OLED stock need to be playing the percentages and checking in at the destinations where they are most likely to find consoles.

And that's what this guide is designed to do – help point gamers to the stores where they can hopefully find where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED. Our deals team is updating this piece continuously and we are listing where it is and isn't in stock.

Nintendo Switch OLED stock in the USA

The Nintendo Switch OLED restock situation in the USA has been a bit more fluid than in the UK but there has still been a depressing lack of consoles made available since launch. Here we've highlighted the retailers that have a track record of getting marked console tranches in terms of numbers, with tens of thousands of consoles made available in most drops. We're recommending people check in with these retailers every day if possible, as many are not communicating drops until they go live.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED [USA]

| White (in stock with mark-up)

Walmart | White (in stock with mark-up) | Neon (in stock with mark-up)
Walmart technically has both the White and Neon Switch OLED consoles in stock, but the orders are fulfilled by one of its sellers and they are charging over $500 each for the console. That's much higher than RRP and, as such, we've listed the console as in stock but with a mark-up attached. If you're prepared to pay, though, then Walmart can help you right now. Check for new stock.

Amazon | White (sold out)

Amazon | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
For such a large retailer Amazon has been very disappointing in terms of Nintendo Switch OLED restocks since launch. It had a decent selection on first release, though, and more consoles are rumored to be landing at any time, so it is worth checking the store right now. Check for new stock.

Best Buy | White (sold out)

Best Buy | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Best Buy had consoles go live for two straight days at launch, but they sold out incredibly quickly. Best Buy's stock is expected to be replenished before Black Friday, but right now no fixed date has been confirmed. As ever we recommend checking the store now for sudden drops. Check for new stock.

| White (sold out)

GameStop | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
GameStop, at the time of writing, is out of both White and  Neon Nintendo Switch OLED consoles. No information has been forthcoming yet about a pre-Black Friday drop, but as the USA's biggest game retailer a lot is expected. Make sure to check in right now in case a surprise drop has happened. Check for new stock.

Target | White (sold out)

Target | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Target is a store that many gamers forget about, and that is why it's initial Nintendo Switch OLED stock sold out so slowly. It's next tranche is expected this week so be sure to check in today. Check for new stock.

Nintendo Switch OLED stock in the UK

If you're shopping for Nintendo Switch OLED stock in the UK then these are the retailers you really need to be focussing on. Yes, smaller retailers do shout about getting consoles, and all power to their elbow. However, if you're a gamer and you're playing the percentages in terms of landing a console before Black Friday or Christmas 2021, then you need retailers with proper stock. Tens of thousands of consoles that give you a fighting chance of bagging one, not a 1-in-a-million moon-shot. These are those retailers.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED [UK]

Amazon | White (sold out)

Amazon | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
As in the US Amazon has been poor in terms of Nintendo Switch OLED stock and then restocks since launch. Unlike the USA we've also got no tip offs yet as to when we can expect a new tranche. As ever with Amazon, though, it's worth checking in every day, and early, for unannounced drops. Check for new stock.

Nintendo Store | White (sold out)

Nintendo Store | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
If there is one place to check every single day for Nintendo Switch OLED restocks then it is the official Nintendo Store. This is because it has loads of bundles on offer along with the stock console, and each order tends to come with a freebie, too. Well worth checking out right now for stock. Check for new stock.

Argos | White (sold out)

Argos | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Argos has one of the most annoying and useless websites going, with stock often hiding in certain stores that are useable to the public. Right now Argos has no Switch OLEDs available for delivery, but be sure to punch in your postcode to see if you get lucky and find one in stock in your local store. Check for new stock.

GAME | White (sold out)

GAME | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Along with the official Nintendo Store GAME was one of the best places to buy Switch OLED until its stock ran dry as it had a large amount of bundle offers available. Right now the console is listed as coming soon, so be sure to check into the store today (as well as your local store in person) to see if there has been a stock drop. Check for new stock.

Very | White (sold out)

Very | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Very has been an unsung hero this year in terms of PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks, and that's what we're hoping for now with the Nintendo Switch OLED, which is listed at the time of writing as out of stock. Very tends to drop later on in the working week, so be sure to check in on Thursday and Friday especially. Check for new stock.

Currys | White (sold out)

Currys | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Currys, as the time of writing, is not showing either Switch OLED console in stock, but as it operates a queuing system with anti-bot protection, it remains a great place to check for restocks. It goes early, very early with console drops, though, so make sure to set your alarm. Check for new stock.

Even more Nintendo Switch OLED stock

If you still haven't been able to buy Nintendo Switch OLED then be sure to also check out the prices pulled from retailers and sellers below. Chances are these consoles will not be selling for RRP, though, so be warned that a price premium will come with any purchase. If it's a case of spending a bit more to ensure a happy Christmas though, or going empty handed, then it may be a price you're willing to pay.

Nintendo Switch OLED restock: T3's top tips for grabbing a console

Make sure you have an account set up at each retailer listed above. And that means that you have your address and payment details included and up to date. Where possible, we recommend having multiple payment methods setup, as this mitigates risk when it comes round to ringing up a system. If card payments are failing then switch to PayPal, for example.

Also, at retailers where you can wish list or add a Switch OLED to a shopping list, do so. We've had multiple reports by gamers who have landed a Switch OLED that this helps keep a console in your basket when stock drops and through checkout. It also cuts valuable time off finding and adding the product, which can be the difference between getting one and not.

Lastly, make sure you are up to speed on a retailer's anti-bot protection systems. Some of these have mechanisms like having to hold down a buy button for a few seconds, so be sure to not get caught out by small details like this when proceeding through checkout.

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