LG C1 OLED and QNED Mini-LED TVs are official: here's what you need to know

2021's TVs include smarter AI processing and a new size of OLED

(Image credit: LG)

LG has officially revealed a slate of new TVs for 2021 at CES, including the much-anticipated LG C1 OLED TV – the successor to the massively popular LG CX – as well as its first QNED Mini-LED TVs, which are set to offer a big contrast upgrade over previous LCD TV models.

More details about the TVs should arrive over the rest of CES, but so far we know that the LG C1 will come in the same sizes as previous models (48, 55, 65 and 75 inches), plus a new 83-inch version – just like the LG G1 OLED TV also coming this year. 

Also like the G1, it will include the new Alpha 9 Gen4 image processor, which LG says will use 'AI Picture Pro' to recognise individual elements on-screen, including discerning the foreground from the background, and using different processing depending on what's visible.

Unlike the LG G1, though, the C1 will not use the next-gen 'OLED evo' panel, meaning it will likely have image quality very close to the LG CX, but with the extra AI processing powers.

Notably, LG has barely mentioned there being a successor to the LG BX cheaper OLED TV model – that's perhaps not surprising, since the BX only made it on sale towards the end of last year. It has, however, announced a new LG A1 cheap OLED TV.

A new version of the LG Z1 8K OLED TV is also coming, again with the new Gen4 processor.

QNED (Quite Nice Extra Darkness?)

LG also reconfirmed that it's launching its first Mini-LED TVs this year, which will be known as 'QNED Mini LED', mixing LG's NanoCell tech with Quantum Dot tech, plus Mini-LEDs.

Three models have been announced so far – the QNED99, QNED95 and QNED90 – but no sizes or exact details yet, other than that the first two will include the Alpha9 Gen4, and all will include HDMI 2.1 specs including VRR. But we're really looking forward to seeing what these sets can do; here's our look at why Mini-LED is the hottest tech of 2021.

LG also announced new versions of its NanoCell LED TVs, including the LG NANO99, NANO95, NANO90 and NANO85. Again the first two models will include the Gen4 processor, and all will include HDMI 2.1 and VRR.

LG is also introducing 'Game Optimizer', which promises a truly mind-blowing 1ms response time when gaming, with customised image processing depending on the type of game you're playing (seemingly so that when playing a more chilled-out game, it can choose to apply more processing and let the response time rise a little in exchange for better looking visuals).

Will these changes be enough to keep the LG C1's strong places in our lists of the best OLED TVs, best gaming TVs and best TVs overall? Will the new QNED Mini-LED crash into high places themselves?

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