Learn how to pack a suitcase with Marie Kondo

Netflix's organisation guru has some tips on how you should be packing your suitcase

Learn how to pack a suitcase with Marie Kondo

Packing and unpacking a suitcase is without doubt one of the worst parts of a holiday. You spend time carefully planning outfits only to find out you're unable to squeeze them into your carry-on luggage. It's an all-too common problem.

Thankfully, Marie Kondo, the Japanese organisation guru who recently shot to fame on Netflix, has shared some useful packing tips.

Just make sure you remember them next time you're struggling to fully close the zip on your suitcase.

The video shares techniques very similar to the advice in Kondo's Netflix series.

The first step to efficiently packing a suitcase is to lay everything out, then only taking what you really need, or items that "spark joy". You need to be shrewd, and discard any unnecessary items.

Once you've discarded all of the excess, it's time to sort what you have left and begin to fold them. 

If you follow Kondo's vertical folding method (as demonstrated in the video), your clothes should be taking up as little space as possible.

Anything that can't be folded, such as dresses or linen shirts, should be rolled.

The video is full of other useful space-saving tips, such as tucking your underwear into a bra, or using pouches to separate charging wires.

Check out the full video, created by Apartment Therapy, below:

Follow the tips above and you'll have yourself a perfectly packed suitcase with enough space to bring back souvenirs!

One vital tip Kondo missed, however, was to make sure you're using a great suitcase, because they're not all created equal.

Below are three of the best suitcases you can buy:

Tumi V3 International 56CM Expandable Carry-on | £445

Tumi V3 International 56CM Expandable Carry-on | £445

Available in either Black or Pacific Blue, the Tumi V3 International Slim is the perfect carry-on case for a short trip away. It comes with four double wheels for stability, a telescopic aluminium handle and is lightweight at just 2.9kg. It’s also made from tough polycarbonate so should be able to clock up as many air miles as you do.

Samsonite Tunes 69CM Suitcase | £225

Samsonite Tunes 69CM Suitcase | £225

In order to meet the needs of the frequent traveller, the Tunes interior is fully lined and comes with two zipped divider pads. The distinct design is finished in a high-end matte finish with refined silver accents. The fresh modern lining emphasises the balanced yet distinct overall design.

American Tourister Soundbox 77CM Suitcase | £145

American Tourister Soundbox 77CM Suitcase | £145

Ideal for longer trips away, the American Tourister Soundbox 77cm Suitcase is a large suitcase with a hard polypropylene shell and TSA-ready locks. The big draw here is that, rather unusually for a hard case, it is expandable on all sides, allowing for that extra bit of wriggle room when returning home with those holiday souvenirs.

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