Klattermusen's new SS23 collection is the outdoor industry's best kept secret

Swedish mountaineering equipment brand's latest drop is full of lightweight garments to enhance your outdoor life

Klattermusen SS23 collection
(Image credit: Klattermusen)

Do you know Swedish outdoor brand Klattermusen (or Klättermusen, to be precise)? Don't worry if not; until recently, they didn't put a lot of emphasis on marketing their products outside of mountaineering circles. Things have changed significantly these past few years, which is excellent news for people who like premium, sustainable and highly functional outdoor apparel (who doesn't?).

Klättermusen's Spring/Summer 2023 collection echoes the brand's philosophy of "maximum safety for you, minimum impact on nature." Born in the Scandinavian mountains in the 1975 – klättermusen means 'climbing mouse' in Swedish – the company initially focused on creating niche mountaineering equipment with functionality in mind to fulfil the "needs of true adventurers" while keeping their ecological footprint to the minimum.

Lighter garments in the SS23 collection are ideal for high-energy activities such as fast trekking, trail running, biking, climbing and bouldering. Designed for a full-tilt lifestyle of speed, the 'Long Days & Fast Nights' concept allows wearers to "fully enjoy and embrace the outdoors in all of its natural glory."

Slow movers and hikers enjoying multi-day trips will also find plenty of garments they might like in Klättermusen's collection. The brand has developed durable and protective equipment that enables wearers to carry heavier loads for long distances through ever-changing terrain so they can explore for hours to reach remote spots in the wilderness.

Highlights from Klättermusen's SS23 collection include the Tjalve 2.0 Backpack, a small, lightweight 10-litre essential daypack made from recycled polyamide Retina fabric, the Women's Vanadis 3.0 Light WindStretch Pants, a pair of multi-purpose outdoor shorts featuring WindStretch fabric with Ultramid bio-mass balanced polyamide, and the Men's Garm Levitend Long Sleeve Shirt, a multi-purpose workwear shirt with a traditional design but modern technology.

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Matt Kollat
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