John Legend launches skincare brand, Loved01 – here’s everything you need to know

John Legend wants you to love your skin with new skincare line, Loved01

John Legend skincare brand, Loved01
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This month, musician and producer, John Legend launched his new skincare and bodycare brand, Loved01, a collection of unisex face, body and grooming products, specifically designed with melanin-rich skin in mind.

Released on the 1st February 2023, Legend joins a number of male celebrities exploring the skincare space, including Pharrell Williams’ Humanrace, Travis Barker’s Barker Wellness and Jared Leto’s Twentynine Palms. But what sets Loved01 (pronounced loved one) apart from other celebrity endorsed or owned brands is its focus on coloured skin and affordability.

On the Loved01 website, the ethos behind the brand is pretty clear: “Effective, affordable and accessible skincare for melanin-rich skin.” Despite the many beauty and skincare brands on the market today, most of them aren’t formulated to address the needs of darker skin tones and because of this, most brands that do will be more expensive.

That’s where Loved01 comes in, with its dermatologist-approved formulas that are created to “nourish, moisturise and gently balance pH”, while not smashing your bank account.

Loved01 skincare products

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So, what’s in the Loved01 range? In the collection, you can find the Face + Body moisturiser, Face + Body Oil, Face + Body Wash, Exfoliating Cleanser, Toning Mist and Shaving Cream. While these products can be bought individually, they’re also available in bundle and gift sets, where you can choose between the Hydration Essentials, Shave Essentials and full Capsule Collection.

According to Men’s Health, the Loved01 skincare products were formulated in partnership with dermatologist, Dr Naana Boakye. All of the products are moisture-focused, hydrating and will leave skin looking glowy and feeling silky. Research conducted by Legend and Dr Boakye found that “melanated skin has a propensity to lose moisture more quickly than other skin types” which was the main focus to selecting the lines’ ingredients.

Loved01’s products are all plant-based formulas and feature a variety of natural ingredients, like aloe vera, lavender, jojoba, camomile and much more. All the formulas feature a blend of sea buckthorn and rosehip oils which – you guessed it – are great for hydrating and protecting the skin. The full Loved01 range is also vegan and cruelty free, with the ingredients consciously formulated and sourced with a focus on protecting the environment and community.

Loved01 Instagram account

John Legend on the Loved01 Instagram page

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Now let’s talk about the price. You don’t often hear ‘celebrity brand’ and ‘affordable’ in the same sentence but there’s a first time for everything. In conversation with Men’s Health, Legend stated that what makes Loved01 so special is that they’re luxurious products that are doing it all at a price that’s affordable and accessible for everybody.

And Loved01 truly is insanely affordable. Buying products individually will cost you $10-$15 and if you choose a bundle, these range from $32-$63. Compared to other celebrity brands, for example, Kate Moss’ wellness brand COSMOSS has a moisturiser that sells for around £50/$50, Loved01 is the perfect example of effective skincare that won’t break the bank. This is definitely a celebrity skincare brand that we can get behind!

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