Kate Moss launches new wellness brand ‘COSMOSS’ – here’s everything you need to know…

Kate Moss’ new beauty & wellness brand is here & we’re intrigued

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We’ve seen the likes of celebrity wellness brands in the form of goop by Gwyneth Paltrow and Poosh by Kourtney Kardashian and now, in true Kate Moss style, she’s crashing the party.

This week, British supermodel Kate Moss launched COSMOSS, a beauty and wellness brand. The initial announcement was made in late August on Instagram, before the official launch date came on the 1st September. COSMOSS – we see what you did there, Kate – is a “six-piece collection of realistic rituals”, according to Vogue.

This might seem like an odd move for Kate Moss to make into the wellness space. After all, she’s most commonly known for her party lifestyle throughout the 90s and beyond. While this branch away from her hedonistic image of rebellion and into a more modern sphere of self-care might have appeared to come out of the blue, Kate Moss has been outspoken for years about her love for yoga, sound baths, mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation.

With a focus on self-care and wellness, COSMOSS is inspired by Moss’ life experience and more specifically her time in lockdown, where she discovered a new love for gardening and slowing down. According to the COSMOSS Instagram page, the brand is a “private journey to balance and rejuvenation. Developed with self-care and wellness in mind, the products are designed to support daily rituals and invigorate body, mind and soul.”


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So, what is in the COSMOSS collection? The six-piece collection comprises the Sacred Mist perfume, Golden Nectar CBD pro-collagen oil drops, face cream, face cleanser and Dawn and Dusk tea bags. When used in combination with each other, this makes up the daily ritual which is designed to “balance body and soul with the natural environment and the circadian cycles.”

Not only is Moss feeding into today’s love for self-care and connection, but the range is also fully vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably sourced. The natural ingredients include hibiscus flowers, ginger root, nettle leaf, rosehip, lemongrass, thyme, hemp, shea butter and other herbs, flowers and plant-based alternatives.

So, other than the products being designed by Kate Moss, what’s so special about them? Well, the COSMOSS products make up three rituals: Dawn, Day and Dusk. Dawn is aimed at preparing the body for the day, Day is designed to bring inner peace and transform negativity into positive energy, and Dusk is for reflecting and leaving the day behind.

All three rituals use a combination of the six products, for example, the Dawn ritual features the Dawn Tea, face cleanser, face cream and Sacred Mist. The COSMOSS website helpfully talks you through the process and encourages people to connect to themselves while they go through the ritual.


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In terms of pricing, the collection ranges from £20 - £120. Buying the whole range together will set you back £412, which is a little steep but this is Kate Moss’ brand after all. I imagine people will buy products individually rather than buying them all for the full rituals, but time will tell.

From looking at the COSMOSS website and Instagram page, I think Kate Moss has come about her wellness brand at an interesting and new angle. Set apart from the standard ‘celebrity endorsement’, COSMOSS cleverly caters to self-care that more and more people have come to prioritise today. Excuse me while I add the Dusk Tea to my shopping basket.

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