It's not just the iPhone 15 expected to move to USB-C, these could be too

Apple could be further towards a move to USB-C charging than we think, with a range of new products expected to ditch the Lightning connector

iPad Air USB-C
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The news that the European Union is moving to make a USB-C port mandatory on all new electronics and devices in the next few years has put a spotlight on Apple and its proprietary Lightning connector. Of course, Apple already sells a number of USB-C devices, including the iPad Air, iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, but there is one big holdout: the iPhone. 

There's no indication that the iPhone 14, expected over the coming months, will switch but future models will almost certainly will. And it's unlikely to stop there. According to MacRumors, summarising a huge number of different reports, almost all of Apple's major devices could be set to get a USB-C port in the coming years.

Most obviously, the iPhone 15 will likely be the iPhone that makes the jump, bringing the device in-line with EU regulations and most other Apple products, especially the iPad and MacBook lineups. 

The new entry-level iPad is also expected to get a USB-C port, potentially at the same launch event as the iPhone 14 in September or October. The base iPad update would mean all iPads use USB-C. 

Reports have also suggested the AirPods charging case would switch to USB-C, bringing it in line with other major earbuds. The MagSafe battery pack could also be up for a switch. 

Finally, updating Apple's desktop accessories – the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad – would make sense, especially given the MacBook Air and Pro models already include USB-C. 

The age of convenience  

While any iPhone owner will have a lot of legacy Lightning cables, switching to USB-C just makes a lot of sense. 

Almost all other devices have adopted the standard at this point in 2022 and being able to take one charger and cable travelling would be absolutely ideal. 

Plus, as the EU claims, it will likely reduce e-waste going forward. 

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