Here's the Apple Watch Series 4 video you've been waiting for

This looks like the most accurate render based on all the leaks and rumours

Apple Watch Series 4

With the Apple Watch Series 4 just days away, and with leaks aplenty, we think we have a pretty good idea of what Apple's new smartwatch will look like already.

It could be the biggest update to the Apple Watch since it was first announced, which has got us very excited indeed.

Now, thanks to a new video we've got a tantalising glimpse at just how amazing the new Apple Watch could be.

The video has taken all of the rumours around the Apple Watch Series 4 and created a render of the unreleased wearable, showing off the smartwatch from every angle, in a number of materials and models.

The video comes courtesy of the YouTube channel 'Concept Creator', who takes product rumours and then creates official looking release videos. 

The key feature here is the larger display and smaller bezels, which vastly will make the whole device more ergonomic and less fiddly.

Here is the Apple Watch Series 4 video in full:

Will the Apple Watch Series 4 look like this? It probably will be pretty close!

While there have been rumours of a round Apple Watch, we can't see that happening any time soon.

As well as the improved screen, it looks like the Apple Watch will also get updates to its health and fitness tracking, as well as a tweaked UI.

Will it be enough to help Apple fend off the challenge from Samsung's new Galaxy Watch

Only time will tell, but what we do know is, Apple's big event on September 12 can't come soon enough…

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