iPhone 15 Pro models suddenly sound less appealing after price hike rumours

The best iPhones in the new range could be more expensive than previous generations

iPhone 14 Pro Max
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While the best iPhones on the market have never been ultra-affordable devices, the next generation could push prices even further. That's according to a report from Bloomberg, who suggest that "Apple is considering raising the price for Pro models."

That relates to the iPhone 15 range, which is expected later this year. While no concrete figures are suggested, it's not the first time we've heard about price increases on these models.

Earlier leaks suggested the Pro and non-Pro variants of a similar size would sit $300 apart. That would see $100 added to the price tag of the iPhone 14 Pro models, making them $1,099 and $1,199 respectively.

There we're even rumours of a $1,299 price tag at one point. That was tied to the mythical iPhone 15 Ultra, though, which was rumoured to be a more significant departure from the current range.

It would put the iPhone 15 Pro Max at the same price point as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – widely considered to be the main Android phone competitor for the iPhone.

If true, it's a shame. The current global economic situation is still uncertain for many. That extra cost could dissuade some would-be users from taking the leap, potentially impacting sales. That doesn't seem to be something Apple are concerned with, though.

The same report suggests that the brand are still projecting production of around 85 million units. That falls roughly in line with figures for previous years.

To help justify the increase, there are expected to be some fairly significant upgrades to these handsets. Most notable is the use of a 3nm processor, likely called the A17 Bionic. That smaller architecture should offer improved power and efficiency over the previous generations of 4nm and 5nm chips.

The top-tier Pro Max variant has also been slated to pack a periscope telephoto lens, for improved optical zoom. That would mark a significant change, and should pave the way for an even better camera on the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

We'll know for sure soon. The new iPhone range tends to be unveiled in September, meaning we're likely less than two months away from knowing for sure.

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