Forget the iPhone 15 – iPhone 16 Pro Max could get a massive camera upgrade

The introduction of a new lens could make a world of difference for iPhone users

A render of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, showing off the periscope lens technology within
(Image credit: MacRumours)

While attention is currently focused on the iPhone 15 range, rumours are already circulating about the next model in the range. The 15 series isn't set to launch for another few months, and already we're hearing about it's successor, more than a year in advance.

But this particular rumour is a big one – in fact, it could make the iPhone 16 Pro Max the best iPhone yet. It's all to do with the telephoto camera in the device. According to respected tech tipster, Digital Chat Station, the next next-gen iPhone flagship will feature a super telephoto lens.

That "super" moniker is important here. It's usually given to cameras with a focal length over 300mm. The current telephoto on the iPhone 14 Pro Max has an equivalent focal length of 77mm, so that would mark a significant upgrade.

The changes to implement this are rumoured to start this year, with the introduction of a periscope telephoto system. That will reportedly only affect the Pro Max variant this time out, hitting both Pro variants of the 16 series.

That's a massive upgrade. While telephoto duties on the current range are strong, having a much further range of optical zoom will dramatically alter the possibilities with the iPhone camera. Users will be able to shoot a far wider range of subjects without needing to reach for a more professional setup. Telephoto lenses are famously used in sports and wildlife photography, for example.

It's far from the only upgrade expected for the next version of the device. We've heard reports of a larger display coming to both the Pro and Pro Max variants, which are expected to be 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch units, respectively. That's likely driven by a need for more space, to accommodate the sensor in question.

MicroLED displays have also been rumoured for a future version of the device. It's not entirely clear when they'll appear on phones, though, as the technology is likely to debut on Apple Watch products first. 

With over a year to go until the iPhone 16 range is likely to be unveiled, it's worth taking this news with a pinch of salt. While it may be accurate as of right now, there's no telling what issues could arise in the next 14 months. Anything could change, prompting a rethink of the spec sheet in the process. Until then, let's just keep our fingers crossed.

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