iPhone 15 looks set to get a charging speed boost

The new iPhone is said to feature a USB-C charging port, and could reap the benefits of that for faster charge speeds

iPhone 15 smartphone
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With the iPhone 15 widely expected to be unveiled in just a few short weeks, the stream of rumours and leaked information about the device is getting ever more rapid. We've already heard about a host of hardware and software changes, which could make this device a solid upgrade over the current iPhone 14 model.

Now, another rumour has come to light about the charging speed. The information comes from 9to5Mac, who cite unnamed industry sources with providing details. According to their report, at least some of the new range will be capable of charging at 35W.

That's a pretty cool upgrade. The current range peaks at 27W for the iPhone 14 Pro variants, while the non-Pro models top out at just 20W. It should make it quicker and easier for iPhone owners to top up their device. Apple introduced a 35W dual charger last year, which should enable users to charge at full speed.

It's still not entirely clear whether the higher charging speed will be limited to just the Pro variants, though. Last week, we saw a handful of internal parts for the range, which suggested that three models could feature Thunderbolt charging. That would surely be capable of the higher speeds mentioned.

It's far from the only upgrades expected for the new range. The Pro variants – as we've come to expect – look set to take on the majority of the new features. They're said to utilise a new 3nm processor, which should give a welcome power and efficiency boost.

We've also heard about a periscope zoom lens joining the fray. That should dramatically improve the quality of zoomed in shots taken on those devices.

The base models aren't totally left out, though. They're expected to gain the 48MP camera used on the Pro variants this time out. If that proves true, it will be a big deal. There's nothing outwardly bad about the current sensor on the vanilla iPhone models, but the higher resolution should improve things overall. It could also bring ProRAW capture to those handsets.

The iPhone 15 launch date has been slated for the 13th of September. If true, we're just over three weeks away from getting a good look at the new range in detail. Keep your eyes peeled in the meantime, as more details are likely to emerge as the launch draws nearer.

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