iPhone 14 tipped for multiple upgrades

With just days to go before the iPhone 14 launch date, the leaks keep on coming

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With Apple expected to launch the iPhone 14 next week on 7 September, there's still plenty of time for leaks – and the latest one promises a lot of good news and some bad news for iPhone fans. 

According to user yeux1122 on Korean blog Naver, citing a "US developer source", the new iPhone is getting some major improvements but losing a colour option. If you're looking for an iPhone Pro in Sierra Blue, the report says, you'll need to stick with the iPhone 13, as the iPhone 14 isn't being made available in it.

The iPhone 14 will deliver, though, notably faster 30W wired charging, much stronger MagSafe magnets and a brand new MagSafe battery accessory. Oh, and iPhone 14 will also have better battery life too thanks to improved thermal management in the A16 chip – although that's only coming to the Pro and Pro Max models.

How reliable are these rumours?

We'll know for sure in a few days, but yeux1122 has a mixed track record when it comes to Apple leaks and the apparent demise of the Sierra Blue iPhone contradicts multiple other rumours and the dummy models we saw last week. But mostly the claims seem convincing.

The report also claims that Apple isn't making the rumoured titanium version of the iPhone 14 that some rumours reported. Apple did have a go at it, but it came to the conclusion that titanium was too expensive to produce in significant quantities. 

One of the most interesting claims in the leak is that "prices may be in a completely different direction than expected", because we're expecting the iPhone 14 – or at least the Pro models – to be more expensive than last year, partly due to improved but more expensive camera components. I suspect that for UK users a price cut rather than a price rise is the least likely of the claimed changes coming to the iPhone 14.

All this said, though, an iPhone 14 with faster charging, better MagSafe and, at least for the Pro models, a longer battery life, sound like welcome upgrades to me.

Carrie Marshall

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