iPhone 14 suddenly looks even more desirable

A new leak suggests the iPhone 14's battery could be able to get a lot bigger – with one catch

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After taking the wraps off iOS 16, Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 14 at an event later this year, showing us the next generation of the best smartphone

Apple is a notoriously secretive company but the sheer scale of the iPhone – where tens of millions of units need to be built – means that we almost always get an insight into the main changes. 

Today, we're back from a leak from ShrimpApplePro, a somewhat reliable leaker, who shared a Weibo post claiming to show the battery sizes for the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

The post claims that the iPhone 14 will have a 3,279 mAh battery, the 14 Max will have a 4,325 mAh battery, the 14 Pro will have a 3,200 mAh battery, and the 14 Pro Max will have a 4,323 mAh battery. 

Of course, these figures don't mean much in context. The current generation of iPhone 13s include a 3,240 mAh battery for the iPhone 13, a 2,438 mAh battery for the iPhone 13 mini, a 3,095 mAh battery for the iPhone 13 Pro, and a 4,352mAh battery for the iPhone 13 Pro Max

If the leak is to be believed, that means the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro get a small bump (39 mAh for the 14 and 105 mAh for the 14 Pro) while the 14 Pro Max gets a reduction by 29 mAh. 

(We're not including the iPhone 14 Pro in this because it doesn't compare directly to the outgoing, but much beloved, iPhone 13 mini.) 

A big deal? 

It's hard to say if this will have any impact at all – assuming the rumour is correct – and Apple is unlikely to do anything that significantly worsens battery life, especially for its most premium model. 

Chances are, the 29 mAh reduction results in no significant loss in battery life over a day because Apple has managed to fine-tune some other aspects of the hardware and software, freeing up space for other, larger components. 

Only time will tell, however, and we'll be keeping a close eye on the battery performance of the iPhone 14 Pro Max once we get our hands on it later in the year. 

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