I love the iPhone mini and I want an iPhone 14 mini pro

The iPhone mini has had an underwhelming sales record and is unlikely to see an iPhone 14 version but that's a mistake

iPhone 13 mini
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Now we've finally seen the new iPhone SE, talk has returned to the expected iPhone 14 models likely to be released in September. This is based on the fact that Apple has consistently released its main iPhone lineup in September (or thereabouts) and 14 would be the next logical number. Who knows though, they could go rogue and completely change the name. 

There's been a strong suggestion that whatever form the iPhone 14 lineup takes, it won't include an iPhone 14 mini. The iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini have had relatively poor sales performances despite it being cheaper than the regular iPhone 12/13 models. 

The iPhone 13 mini is currently the smallest and lightest phone in Apple's range. It's smaller than the latest iPhone SE, despite having a considerably larger 5.4-inch screen (compared to 4.7 inches). It also has a better battery. 

Nokia 8800

The rather tiny and beautiful Nokia 8800

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Given the choice, I understand why users are picking the iPhone 13 over the 13 mini. For the $100/£100 difference, you get a larger screen, better battery life. And if you really wanted to save money, you'd opt for the iPhone SE.

As a man of a certain age now, I remember the shrinking of mobiles through the 2000s, and absolutely loving having phones like the Nokia 8800 and Sony Ericsson W550 that were small enough to get lost in your jeans pocket. Having owned a few of the iPhone Max models, you can never forget they are there, and they certainly ruin the line of a well-tailored suit.

I'd be prepared to sacrifice a few inches of screen size for something that was a little more pocket size. What I'm not prepared to sacrifice is its performance. It's the reason why I was pleased that this year's iPhone 13 Pro offered the exact same camera functionality as the 13 Pro Max this time.

iPhone 12 mini

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For me, the perfect phone would be an iPhone mini pro. The small form factor with all the cameras and ProMotion screen quality of the pro models. Large screen phones are very nice for watching videos and playing games, but that's not really what I use my phone for. I want to take great photos, check emails, post on Instagram and Twitter and occasionally book flights and Ubers.

The audience for the iPhone mini pro isn't looking to save cash with a smaller screen, they just want it to be more portable. So rather than grouping it in with the rather capable iPhone 14, make it part of the iPhone 14 Pro lineup. In fact, why not go one further...

The new Mac Studio represents a step up from the Mac Mini, so make the step up from the iPhone mini, the iPhone Studio. This could give the new model its own identity as the small phone for professionals. Give it a premium titanium finish like the Apple Watch and include a cleaning cloth to keep the pocket-sized display spotless.

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