iPad Mini 6 case leak hints and exciting upgrades

Less is always more in the tablet world

iPad Mini 6 concept
(Image credit: Svetapple)

A series of images have surfaced that could potentially show off the upcoming iPad mini 6 device. This would be the first time we’ve seen such images, bringing with them some exciting design changes, though there does remain some doubts over their authenticity. 

However, if the images, which were shared via Twitter, are to be believed, then it would entail some pretty hefty design tweaks from anything we’ve seen before from Apple – and exciting ones at that.

Twitter account, MajinBuOfficial, has shared photos of what appears to be an iPad mini with a clear case. We can see that the volume buttons have been shifted to the top of the iPad mini to make way for a full-sized Apple Pencil being attached to one side. 

The Twitter account's images, which purport to be the sixth-generation iPad mini, share much in common with the current iPad Air. There’s the silky screen that flows from edge-to-edge, a Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the power button, and the iPad body’s squared-off edges akin to the iPad Air's outer body. It's an altogether sleek affair from one of Apple's more budget-friendly tablets.

Less is more

MacRumors reports that the main reason "for moving the volume buttons appears to be to fit the ‌Apple Pencil‌ on the right edge of the device." However, others have cast doubt on this, after earlier reports from leaker John Prosser suggested that Apple was instead working on a condensed Apple Pencil to "fit on the device's side, with no need to move the volume buttons as a result."

Apple isn't expected to announce the sixth-generation iPad mini until a second event rather than during tomorrow's Apple Event that's predicted to be heavily iPhone 13-based. Who knows what Apple really has up its sleeves for future events and over less widely-speculated products like the iPad mini 6. Either way, though, we'll keep you posted as and when we know more, but that could be a while yet if there's no new iPad mini info released tomorrow.

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