iPhone 13 color and storage options leak ahead of official Apple Event

And yes, that iPhone 13 color rumor appears to be true

iPhone 13
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Uh oh! Well, Apple is likely not going to be very happy about this at all, as a Ukrainian website has just gone rogue and seemingly published the entire color range and storage options for the iPhone 13 series ahead of next week's official Apple Event.

The faux pas was spotted by 91mobiles, who discovered that on the website multiple listings were live for the iPhone 13 mini,  iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. And those listings detailed what colors the phones were available in, and what storage space variants, too.

Here are the color and storage options reported in full:

[iPhone 13 mini]

Colors = Black, Blue, Purple, Pink, White and PRODUCT (Red)

Storage = 64GB or 128GB

[iPhone 13]

Colors = Black, Blue, Purple, Pink, White and PRODUCT (Red)

Storage = 128GB and 256GB

[iPhone 13 Pro]

Colors = Black, Silver, Gold, and Bronze

Storage = 128GB and 256GB

[iPhone 13 Pro Max]

Colors = Black, Silver, Gold, and Bronze

Storage = 256GB and 512GB

iPhone 13 phones shown under covers with color and storage specs detailed

How the phones were listed on the Ukrainian website.

(Image credit: 91mobiles)

So, while we don't have any actual images of the iPhone 13 range from the website, we've got what looks like detailed information about colors and storage options.

The big news here for Apple fans will likely be the surfacing of two new colorways, which are pink in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, and bronze on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

We'd reported before that the iPhone 13 might come in pink and this listing seems to confirm that. What we hadn't really heard about, though, is that the Pro phones were going to come in Bronze. And, well, that could be something really special - bronze could imbue the iPhone 13 with a premium future steampunk aesthetic, and we're well behind that here at T3.

Matthew Bolton, T3's resident Apple expert said this on the Ukrainian leak:

"Everything here sounds perfectly plausible, though I'm a little unsure about the idea of offering a bronze iPhone 13 Pro as well as the gold option. If it's really quite a dark bronze, then it could look quite different to the more yellow gold, and might tempt some people who find silver and black boring, but gold too ostentatious. It's a shame to drop the striking blue that the iPhone 12 Pro comes in, though – we need as much colour in our fancy phones as our mid-range ones, in my opinion."

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