Internet Plan: Free modem, unlimited data and 95Mbps for AU$85p/m from Belong

Australia’s first carbon neutral ISP offers a juicy sign up deal

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One of the least enjoyable parts of signing up to a new internet service provider is getting stung with hefty modem costs. Belong is cutting that out with a free modem as part of a deal designed to entice new users to sign up.  In addition, this offers a AU$5 bonus saving for every month for your first 12 months, as well as giving you a free Belong sim with AU$80 credit.

This deal is available to anyone signing up to a Belong Premium internet plan before November 10. Just use the code PREMFIVE on checkout for a AU$60 saving across the length of your first year with Belong. After 12 months the price returns to its standard AU$90 a month, but you are not locked into a contract and are welcome to leave at any time. Should you leave your plan within the first month, be aware there is a potential AU$150 minimum cost, to take into account the free modem. 

Belong is a company running under the Telstra umbrella, but making big moves within it. Proudly the first internet telco to go carbon neutral, it is refreshing to see a large ISP do something positive for the environment in the telco space. Belong has been nominated, and won, awards for being the greenest telco in Australia. It also offers an app that allows you to check and monitor your personal carbon footprint based upon your mobile usage.

For any new homes joining the NBN network for the first time, you will face a AU$300 New Development Charge. This is unavoidable, and at this point, pretty necessary for anyone hoping to move beyond Australia’s copper wiring infrastructure. If it’s not something you’ve encountered yet, it’s only a matter of time. Renters should be aware that this is not a cost they should be taking on alone! As a permanent upgrade to a house, you are well within your rights to ask for your landlord to take this cost on, as the benefits will long outstay your time in the house.

The process for signing up with Belong is simple – step one is to head onto the Belong website and check your addresses suitability for a Belong plan. If your area is available to be serviced by Belong you will be taken through to a page to select the plan best fit for you. From there you have the standard process of making an account, verifying email, and checking out for payment. You will not be charged for your first month until after installation and you are able to track the process from start to finish through your browser. 

Belong has an extensive FAQ for any questions you may have around moving, and will move your service for free to a new address for existing customers. 

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