This Smarty SIM only deal offers 60GB data for just £10 a month

The Smarty spring sale is here, and its special gives you 60GB data for a new low price

Smarty SIM only deal
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With smartphone prices and monthly phone contracts going up in price, switching to one of the best SIM only deals can help you save more money each month on your phone bill. As the spring sales approach, Smarty is offering its flexible plans at an even more affordable and low price, so if you’re thinking of changing to a SIM contract, this is the deal for you.

In Smarty’s spring sale, the best offer I’ve found is on its 40GB plan. Now, you can get an extra 20GB of data for the same price as the original plan.

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The 40GB plan from Smarty costs £10 a month, but in its spring sale, Smarty is giving shoppers 60GB data at the same low price of £10 a month. Included in the plan is 60GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, fast 5G and 4G data, no speed caps and EU roaming.

The best thing about buying a SIM from Smarty is that you won’t be hit with any unexpected price hikes. Smarty is committed to no annual price hikes, so if you buy this 60GB data plan today, you won’t get hit with a price hike once the deal passes and as the years go by, meaning you’ll still spend just £10 for this extra data allowance.

Another thing that sets Smarty apart from other SIM only mobile networks is the freedom over your contract. Its one-month plans means you can pause, change or cancel your SIM at any time, and you won’t be charged for it. Smarty also runs on Three’s network so you get great coverage and mobile data speeds.

60GB data SIM only plan: now £10 at Smarty

60GB data SIM only plan: now £10 at Smarty
Get 60GB of data, unlimited calls and texts and much more, for just £10 at Smarty. With this spring sale deal, you get the price of the 40GB plan with an extra 20GB data, saving you money on your bills in the long run while still giving you big data. With no fixed contract, you can change or cancel your plan at any time, and you won’t experience any price changes throughout the entire duration of your ‘contract’.

If you need more data, Smarty’s Unlimited plan is only £10 more expensive than this 60GB SIM only deal. For £20 a month, you get unlimited data and the other benefits that all Smarty SIMs come with.

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