Sky Broadband WiFi Max is Sky's most powerful hub yet and won't cost you a fortune

Sky's first Wi-Fi 6 system is for new and existing customers

Sky Broadband WiFi Max
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky Broadband has introduced its most powerful home network hub as part of a new WiFi Max setup.

Using Wi-Fi 6 technology, the Max Hub is faster and more stable than its predecessor and is available for new and existing customers. It doesn't cost the Earth neither - priced at just £10 more per month on top of a broadband plan.

The Sky Broadband WiFi Max system also comes with a 25 Mbps Wi-Fi guarantee, so customers will be able to continue to stream 4K Ultra HD video and/or game in any room or get a refund.

Sky Broadband WiFi Max pricing

As well as the hub, customers are entitled to up to three free Max Pods - Wi-Fi extenders that ensure other rooms get decent wireless network coverage as well as the main one where the hub is located.

In addition, WiFi Max subscribers can book engineer visits at a time that suits them, even if it's an evening or weekend. This is if the service doesn't hold up to the guaranteed speeds.

WiFi Max is available with four broadband plans (each on 18-month contracts):

  • Superfast Broadband 35, which costs £25 per month and offers average speeds of 36 Mbps (note: the guarantee on this plan is 10 Mbps minimum in each room)
  • Ultrafast Broadband, which costs £30 per month for average speeds of 145 Mbps.
  • Ultrafast Plus Broadband, which costs £48 per month for average speeds of 500 Mbps.
  • Gigafast Broadband, which costs £53 per month for average speeds of 900 Mbps.

You need to add the £10 per month for WiFi Max too.

New customers can order the hardware and service now, while existing customers will have to wait until later this year when it will be available to them too.

“A modern, busy household needs Wi-Fi to be more powerful and more reliable than ever, so customers can stream, game, or use multiple devices at once without any hassle," said Sky Broadband's managing director, Amber Pine.

"With WiFi Max’s speed guarantee of up to 25 Mbps in every room, customers can relax knowing time online will be seamless, safe and without stress."

Sky claims that its new setup is ideal for use with Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

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