Vodafone plans to introduce mind-blowing 2.2 Gbps broadband in 2024

Responds to EE's 1.6 Gbps broadband pledge

Vodafone Pro II broadband
(Image credit: Vodafone)

Earlier today, EE announced that it is introducing 1.6 Gbps broadband to the UK – the fastest available in the country to date. However, one of its main rivals has now responded saying that it will introduce a broadband package that can achieve speeds that are 38% faster.

Vodafone claims that its 2.2 Gbps broadband will trounce the current EE network when it launches in "early 2024". It also reveals that an entire game, such as Call of Duty, will take just three minutes to download.

The service will initially be available on CityFibre's network, which is available in numerous locations around the UK but not everywhere. The partners trialled the speeds in York earlier in 2023, so know that the full fibre network is capable, it just needs to demonstrate that it can achieve similar results on a much wider scale.

"These new 2.2Gbps speeds are going to be a game changer in 2024," said Vodafone's chief commercial officer, Max Taylor.

"Being able to provide our customers with these phenomenal speeds, showcases the true capability of our Pro II Broadband, customers will be able to get the fastest broadband speeds, in all corners of the home and at an amazing price."

Vodafone's Pro II Broadband is already available and plans start at £38 per month. It's not yet known how much it will charge for the 2.2 Gbps tier.

It uses the Vodafone Ultra Hub and Super WiFi6E Booster to ensure stable signals around the home. Those will continue it seems, as they were also part of the successful York trials.

Vodafone is currently awaiting a judgement by the Competition and Markets Authority on whether it can push forward with a much-publicised merger with UK mobile network Three.

If the deal is ratified it would make the new company the largest operator in the country, with potentially the biggest 5G network. An answer is not expected this year, however.

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