EE custom Apple TV box is the ideal streaming solution

With a special EE remote and built-in live TV app, this could be the best way to watch all of your TV

EE set top boxes
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The new EE is here and has a huge range of new offerings, from the dedicated EE ID portal and app, through to the fastest full fibre broadband on the market – now coming in at 1.6Gbps. However, it's the TV offering that really impressed. 

In addition to EE's two standard set-top boxes – the TV Box Pro and the TV Box mini – you can now get a special EE Apple TV. This has a dedicated EE app installed that gives you access to live TV channels, including any extra channels you subscribe to through your EE subscription. 

"We've worked with Apple to integrate our App into their UI and with that comes the branded remote," says Sharon Meadows, EE’s Director of Propositions. "There are buttons there that jump you straight into our app and into the TV guide."

The EE app is only available on this special edition and can't be downloaded from the Apple TV App Store. This means you can only get it if you subscribe to EE's TV package but having all this on your Apple TV, rather than having to manage two devices is so much better. (correction – EE has now confirmed there will be a version of the EE app for download but won't have all the functionality)

There's no need to switch between HDMI inputs on your TV, or swap remotes, all of your live TV is here on the Apple TV, right next to all of your other streaming services. When it comes to streaming boxes, the Apple TV 4K box is second to none, so I'd definitely take this option over any other TV package. 


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EE ID is a new central hub for all of the company's offerings, from broadband and mobile services to gaming, retail and learning. You can access the platform via a new app or via the website and you don't need to be an EE subscriber to access it. 

Once you're in, you can use EE ID to manage other subscriptions as well as buy games, consoles, smart home security devices and much more. There are lots of bundles available including game passes with consoles, and cheap mobile deals with EE's broadband. 

One nice addition is EE's learning section, for those getting to grips with digital products, including a Phonesmart licence for kids. It's a nicely curated app that will have everything covered and still be competitive on price. 

"The start point for many customers will be buying a product or service from the expanded range of categories that we have," says Meadows. "In that buying process you will get an ID that will allow you to track your products and often unlocks other benefits. for example, if you bought a phone and signed up for an ID, you'd be looking at the unlimited warranty that we offer for our full phone and airtime customers."

EE WiFi enhancer

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1.6Gbps full-fibre speeds

Also unveiled is EE's fastest full-fibre broadband offering, which provides up to 1.6Gbps. This is currently the fastest broadband in the UK and includes EE's Smart Hub Plus wireless router and the Wi-Fi enhancer. 

Wi-Fi enhancer allows you to select work and game modes to prioritise traffic and ensure the best connection speeds, whether you're online gaming or on a work call. From the app you can select from these dedicated work and game modes to automatically enhance or choose which devices take precedence. 

According to EE, over 10 million homes in the UK now have access to fibre broadband and that number is growing rapidly each year. 

Mat Gallagher

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