If Apple releases this yellow iPhone 14, we should call it the bananaphone

Online leaker says this year's fun springtime colour is going to be a vibrant yellow

Yellow iPhone 14 mock-up
(Image credit: MacRumors)

Sometimes, but not always, Apple likes to freshen up its iPhones with a new springtime colour options – so for example in 2021 it added a fun purple hue to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. According to a leaker, this year it's going to be less Prince and more Coldplay: Apple's 2023 iPhone 14 colour is all yellow.

As reported (and rendered in the above image) by MacRumors, a leaker on social media site Weibo says that yellow is this year's colour. The rumour also says that Apple's PR people are planning a press briefing for next week. We don't know for sure that the briefing is about the new colour – that's pure speculation – but it does seem likely.

Why Apple likes to add new colours in spring

A new colour means new headlines, new reviews and hopefully new buyers. It's a tried and tested way of bringing existing product lines back to life and to people's attention, and Apple's done it several times before – not just the purple iPhone 12 but the greens of the iPhone 13 last year. So a new colour is hardly far-fetched in 2023.

At the moment the brightest, most fun iPhone 14 colour is the one in the PRODUCT(RED) version. A yellow 14 would brighten the range up even more.

I think yellow is a great choice, so I hope this leak is accurate. We've seen yellow iPhones before, such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, and it's the kind of colour that really pops – warmer and even happier than gold, and probably as bright as you can get without looking too garish. As someone who thinks the yellow iMac is probably the best-looking, I'd love to see something similar in the iPhone.

If Apple's 2023 plans are indeed all yellow, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a banana yellow iPhone 14 Pro. That already comes in gold – and I know that because that's the one I bought.

Carrie Marshall

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