If Apple reveals these 3 products at its June event I'll be happy

The next Apple event, WWDC, is on 5 June 2023 – and I'd love to see these three products revealed

The MacBook Air M2 in blue being carried while closed
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple has spoken! The Cupertino company's key annual event, its worldwide developer conference – best known as WWDC (or 'dub-dub-dee-see' as it goes) – held at its headquarters' campus, is set to commence on 5 June 2023. I'm excited, you're excited, the whole tech world is excited.

If, like me, you've been following Apple rumours in recent months then you'll know that a lot of products that were possibly-maybe expected to have arrived already haven't (ignoring the iPhone 15, of course). By which, of course, I'm referring to that Apple VR product, among some others. 

Which got me thinking: just what exactly will Apple reveal at its June WWDC event? There are certainly plenty of options. But here are three that I'd love to see revealed in particular. Whether that'll happen or not, well, that's a whole other question. So, without further ado, here's my WWDC 2023 wishlist...

1. 15-inch MacBook

Apple MacBook Pro M2

(Image credit: Apple)

I'm not even saying this is likely at this particular June event. But increasing rumours suggest it's likely overall that Apple will reveal a 15-inch MacBook product. Some say it'll be a new-size Air. Others say it'll just be 'MacBook' (like the discontinued 12-inch MacBook, remember those? – although there is also rumour of that smaller-size also making a comeback). 

As the owner of a MacBook Air 13 M1, which I think is the best MacBook for most people (I didn't buy the M2 version, as I found a deal on the older silicon that was too good to miss, and cash is king), the idea of a larger-scale MacBook is really appealing to me. Not giant, mind, I don't want a 16-inch MacBook Pro scale to carry around all the time. But an ideal in-between model would be a super fit for me. 

2. Mac Pro with M2 Ultra

Mac Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

Note my choice of image: that's a Mac Pro from way back in 2013, when it was a cylindrical beast that looked maybe more like a HomePod. Since then we've had the famed 'cheese grater' Pro styling from the most powerful Mac on the block. But nothing new since that 2019 design release. So is now the time?

I'm guessing 'yes', simply because WWDC 2023 seems like the perfect opportunity to announce the next step in Apple Silicon with M2 Ultra. It's not guaranteed, of course, but where better to put the most powerful hardware than in the most powerful Mac? Some have said that we'll not see a new Mac Pro in tower format, but I'm not convinced that the product format is quite finished yet. 

3. Reality Pro

Apple VR concept

(Image credit: Antonio de Rosa)

The 'big one' and, perhaps, the most 'obvious one' to come from WWDC 2023 would be Apple's VR headset, dub-dubbed (see what I did there) Apple Reality Pro. It's still just a rumour, one that's now years old, because it's thought the product wasn't quite ready for its original release schedule, and/or the market just wouldn't be ready either (money, recession, use-cases, etcetera).

So is now the time for Apple VR? I'm still not fully convinced. I mean, I'm excited because PlayStation VR2 blew my mind, but Apple's product will be an entirely different beast with an entirely different focus. That said, to reveal the product with a very long lead time before release would make sense, especially at a developer conference, because for Apple's VR to succeed it needs developers working on major projects behind the scenes to give the product purpose. 

So it's certainly possible. I'll be eagerly watching on 5 June to see whether Apple Reality is the headline release, the 'one more thing', or simply a product that people are whispering about that gets no official mention at this time...

Mike Lowe
Tech Editor

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