I tried Wiggle's 'My Run Shoe Finder' and the best running shoe for me is the New Balance 1500 V6 (apparently)

Filling out a short questionnaire is all it takes to find out which running shoes suit your running style the most

Wiggle launches ‘My Run Shoe Finder’
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Finding running shoes that fit perfectly is an impossible task, especially if your shop online, which is really annoying as in this day and age, buying running shoes online is as easy as it is convenient. Would it not be great of there was a way to determine which trainers fit your running style the most online? A new feature on Wiggle might help you with this seemingly Herculean task.

Other running shoes retailers offer similar services to Wiggle's new ‘My Run Shoe Finder’ feature. SportsShoes.com has its own 'Running Shoe Finder' which is similar to Wiggle's but focuses on the basics stuff such as running surface (e.g. road, trail etc), and not running dynamics. 

Even manufacturers cottoned on to the idea of offering some sort running shoe finder for their models: ASICS' Innovation Summit can help you decide which one of its newest running shoes are best suited for your running style, the ASICS Metaspeed Sky or the Mesaspeed EDGE.

Wiggle launches ‘My Run Shoe Finder’

(Image credit: Wiggle)

If everyone else is doing it, why should you care about Wiggle's 'My Run Shoe Finder' feature? For one, the feature was built in partnership with biomechanics expert and running specialist, Richard Felton-Thomas, so as opposed to just asking about your shoe size, Wiggle's 'My Run Shoe Finder' will take you through a "series of biomechanical tests" to assess ankle mobility, foot rotation, hip flexibility and more.

And although this is all fun and games, it's worth noting that the feature will only help people who know all these details by heart. You can always just write the questions down and go out for a jog, but even so, how are you going to assess how your feet rotates as you run?

It's hard to tell when you're wearing shoes and it's not like you'll go for a jog on a hot day bare feet, carrying a bucket of water so you can wet your feet as you jog and see which way they face, compared to an imaginary straight line in the middle.

That said, the 'My Run Shoe Finder' still does more than other running shoe finders online to help you determine which shoes are best for you. Interestingly enough, the questionnaire doesn't ask you about your shoe size so you can potentially end up being recommended shoes that can't be bought in the right size, however unlikely this scenario is, especially taking Wiggle's insanely extensive stock levels into consideration.

And despite this online form not being able to replace an in-person gait analysis in a brick-and-mortar running shop, at least Wiggle offers a "365 days return and refund" policy so even if your newly found running shoes don't fit perfectly, you can exchange them for a different size. Please do check the T&Cs before you buy.

Try Wiggle's ‘My Run Shoe Finder’ today: it's free, easy to use and takes less than a minute to complete, as long as you know the answers to all the questions. Even if you aren't planning on getting new running trainers, it's interesting to see what shoes the algorithm recommends.

I was told to choose shoes with "slightly lower heel to toe drop and are firm in the forefoot". Apparently, these features will improve my running form and efficiency. Who would've thought? I do like the look of the shoes that were recommended to me, the New Balance 1500 V6.

Before you head over to Wiggle, have a look at T3's best trail running shoes and best workout shoes guide too. 

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