I found the weirdest Black Friday deal: it's a Mini Finger Barcode Scanner

This top tech can be yours for under £30 now; start finger scanning barcodes today!

Tera Mini Finger Barcode Scanner
(Image credit: Tera)

When you look at Black Friday deals for weeks on end, you'll inevitably end up coming across some truly weird stuff. On Amazon Price Day, my favourite discounted item was a hamster swing but for Black Friday, I'm going to full tech and recommend a Bluetooth-enabled Mini Finger Barcode Scanner.

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What is a mini finger barcode scanner and why would you need one? Does this scenario sound familiar to you: you are busy writing your journal but suddenly, you feel the urge to scan some barcodes. Hesitantly, you put the pen down and pick up your handheld scanner, scan some barcodes, put the scanner down and pick the pen up again.

Sounds like a lot of hassle, right? Would it not be better if you could just have the barcode scanner on you all the time, even when you're in the middle of handwriting a novel? Well, you're in luck as this device can do just that. Slip the Tera Bluetooth Mini Finger Barcode Scanner on your finger and start scanning today!

Tera Bluetooth Mini Finger Barcode Scanner: was £34.89, now £27.95 at Amazon

Tera Bluetooth Mini Finger Barcode Scanner: was £34.89, now £27.95 at Amazon
It's wireless! It's portable, and it works with Windows Mac OS Android IOS! The Tera Bluetooth Mini Finger Barcode Scanner is truly the eighth wonder of the modern world. And now it can be yours for less than £30. What a bargain.

As the listing says, the "Ring design makes the mini portable barcode scanner special!" Better still, it can freely rotate on your finger on 360 degrees to make your scanning, And, as Tera puts it, "[using the finger scanner]  will increase your satisfaction and comfort". Couldn't agree more!

You don't even have to worry about having to read barcodes off computer/smartphone monitors and LED/LCD screens as the Tera finger scanner can do that too. Is there anything it can't do!? The device even has built-in memory that can store up to 100000 barcodes. Amazing.

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