Help further modern science in between battles in EVE: Online

The game's Project Discovery will reward you for classifying proteins while in-game

Grand operatic sci-fi RTS EVE: Online isn't just about building ships in real time and forming tactical alliances with other players across the world - no, now you participate in a new crowdsourcing event that aims to further science fact.

Project Discovery is, in its basest form, a mini-game that involves identifying similarities and differences between a set of images. Clocking the protein cells in each image and submitting your findings back into the project will real life scientists edge a little closer to understanding these chains of amino acids. If you're an EVE: Online subscriber, the mini-game can be accessed from your in-game HUD, or you can access it for free via the EVE: Online website.

Better yet, submitting this data won't just make you feel warm and fuzzy for helping in an actual scientific research effort, you'll be actively rewarded with in-game items as well. These rewards vary depending on just how you participate, but items such as ISK currency and loyalty points are all up for grabs if you're willing to pop on your thinking cap inbetween those online skirmishes in deep space.

The initiative is a pretty neat partnership between EVE: Online developer CCP Games, videogame and science community MMOS (Massively Multiplayer Online Science) and the University of Rykjavik and will see these results compared with submissions from other players before being added to the massive Human Protein Atlas database. See Mum, playing games wasn't a waste of time after all...

Via: EVE Online

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