Asus ROG Ally 2 reportedly coming next month – at least one major fix is planned

Asus' next-gen handheld PC tipped to launch during Computex

Asus ROG Ally
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An Asus ROG Ally 2 could be announced during Computex, but there are unlikely to be many major design changes.

Instead, we should expect a laptop-style upgrade to the internal hardware.

Asus' follow-up to the popular and well-received ROG Ally PC gaming handheld is reportedly just around the corner. 

A report from niche site VideoCardz has claimed that the 2024 model of the handheld should be unveiled in the next few weeks, possibly during Computex at the start of June. And while it doesn't have any technical specs to back that up, the site does indicate one improvement that's planned.

This is around SD card failures that have apparently been a bit of an issue for some users of the original ROG Ally – this will seemingly be fixed in the next version after Asus acknowledged that there's a bit of a problem in that area. 

The site's sources have reportedly told it that the new ROG Ally will be less of a ROG Ally 2 and more of a 2024 update, which makes it sound like we shouldn't hope for radical design changes. Rather, it's more likely to simply get some upgrades under the hood to make it more future-proofed for people looking to buy a handheld this year. 

After all, the ROG Ally debuted almost a year ago, in June 2023, so it would make a sort of sense for it to get an annual update if it's proving a success for Asus.

Even the Steam Deck, which has been tweaked far less on Valve's side, got a new model in the form of its OLED version, so there's clearly room for new PC gaming handheld revisions if their manufacturers fancy it. 

The Ally arrived with an impressive LCD display, but an LCD nonetheless, so it will be interesting to see whether we ever get the option of an OLED display of its own. 

Asus has already confirmed that it's working on a second-generation handheld, too, and indicated that it will still run on a Windows base, so there's little doubt the ROG Ally is getting a new version at some point.

What's far less clear is when we'll get official news on it, since Asus hasn't said much in recent weeks and this report doesn't scream authority. Time will tell whether the next ROG Ally is indeed imminent, or if we've got a little longer to wait. 

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