10 best Nintendo Switch games for under £10 right now

These games shouldn't be missed at these amazing prices

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While Nintendo can be pretty stingy when it comes to price cuts on its own first-party games, that doesn't mean the Switch doesn't have a huge library of affordable titles.

Open up the eShop and you'll find a cornucopia of great cheap options, all the more so when there's a sale on, like right now.

We've combed through it to find the 10 best games you can grab for under £10 – although the sale only lasts until 7 April, so you might want to move quickly if any catch your eye. 

Gone Home – £3.49

A massively influential game that lasts just an hour or two, but has the potential to stay with you much, much longer, Gone Home is a cult favourite, and has spawned many imitators since its release. 

It sees you explore an empty house and piece together the story of its inhabitants, with touching notes that tinge its coming-of-age story with sadness. It's gorgeously realised and available for just a handful of pocket change right now. 

Wargroove – £6.39

If you love turn-based strategy games and have a hankering for some retro fun, Wargroove is a brilliant option that is heavily reduced right now. 

It's very much in the mould of Advance Wars, which had some classic GameBoy Advance titles that have since been remastered for Switch. However, it'll cost you way less than that package.

It has great art and some nice depth to explore, with genuinely challenging battles for those who get really into its strategic offering. 

Overboard! – £9.11

This superb text-based adventure is really quite short, but the fun is in playing Overboard! a few times to see how many different outcomes you can manage to find.

You play as a wealthy woman who just pushed her husband overboard on a sea journey, and your job is to, well, get away with it. You'll try to enlist accomplices and see how much weedling you can do, and it's all great fun, with more possibilities becoming clear the more you play it. 

Inscryption – £8.99

It's no easy task to summarise just what Inscryption actually is – it's a creepy deck-building roguelike, but also at times a locked-room puzzle. Oh, and it's a narrative experience, too.

Forced to play a twisted card game to earn your freedom from a scary cabin-dweller, you'll soon be sucked into its strategic options and puzzling encounters. It's addictive and pretty often genuinely creepy, but also completely unique. 

Death's Door – £7.19

If you want a bit more action for your tenner, this lovely little Zelda-like game will give you plenty of that, and more besides. 

Death's Door has you playing as a crow whose job is to ferry souls to the afterlife, but things don't follow that plan from an early stage. You'll explore a lovely little world and master simple but satisfying combat, with loads of secrets for the dedicated to find. 

What Remains of Edith Finch – £4.49

A modern classic, What Remains of Edith Finch is award-winning and widely celebrated, rightly so, for its innovative approach to telling the story of a sprawling family.

You'll play through vignettes explaining what happened to different members of the eclectic Finch clan, each one memorable and moving in its own right. By the time it's finished, you might just want to play it through all over again. 

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition – £5.99

One of the most highly-praised platformers of the last decade, this package brings Rayman Legends together with all its extra content in one place, offering hours of fun for a really crazy price. 

It's a spectacularly well-designed game that will quickly have you speeding through its beautiful levels, although frequent changes of pace will help to break things up. It looks great on a Switch OLED, too. 

ABZÛ – £3.74

If you want a change of pace to something more meditative, offering some truly jaw-dropping visuals, then ABZÛ is for you. It's a gorgeous journey through an underwater world, one that slowly and simply tells a mythic story.

Really though, it's all about the sights and sounds you'll see on your way, with very little challenge to speak of and much more of a focus on the experience. This is as soothing as gaming gets. 

Florence – £1.79

Florence might be the shortest game on this list, but with this amazing price tag, that's no issue. It's a brilliant little interactive comic book, in some ways, telling the story of a relationship.

Through simple moments and mini-games it shows how we grow together with people, but also how we can grow apart, and Florence doesn't shy away from sadness. It's a fantastic little artefact, and well worth playing for less than the price of a takeaway coffee. 

Pentiment – £10.04

Okay, we've broken our £10 limit, but only by four pence! That stretch is well worth it for a game that only just came to the Switch this year after winning plaudits on Xbox and PC. 

It's a murder mystery that sees you trying to solve a crime in a monastery, but Pentiment is fantastically written. Its historical knowledge is matched by how approachable it is, and the way its narrative branches to accommodate your choices is exemplary. 

Its conclusion is extremely memorable, and the Switch honestly feels like the perfect home for it, so get it added to your library ASAP. 

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