10 best PS5 games you can pick up for under £10

There are some complete bargains available for the PlayStation 5 – here are our favourites

PlayStation 5 on a table
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The PlayStation 5 arrived with a splash a few years ago, but was originally both expensive and hard to find.

Thankfully though, things have improved a lot since then – it's in stock all over the place and often heavily reduced in the sales. And that includes the games too, there are bargains to be had whichever PS5 model you own.

For example, we've found a fine selection of games in the PlayStation Store spring sale that you can buy right now for less than £10. It only runs until 9 April, though, so be sure to jump on any of these that you think could be up your street. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – £5.39

This game was shot in the arm for Star Wars, at least where videogame adaptations were concerned, offering a really well-told new story in a galaxy far, far away. 

It offers up crunchy lightsaber combat that takes its cues from the Dark Souls series, and some genuine challenge. And throws in detailed worlds to explore and a nice story. Jedi: Fallen Order is a fantastic play at this price and looks superb on PS5. 

Quake II – £3.19

A recent re-release of a true gaming classic, this is a fantastic opportunity to play a slice of history that holds up superbly to this day, up-rezzed and looking nice and sparkling.

Nothing has been meddled with, though, so if you were a fan of Quake II from years ago you'll find it just as nostalgic and near-perfect as you remember. This has some of the best fast-paced shooting ever, and its influence is obvious to see as you play it. 

Need for Speed Unbound – £6.99

This is a great price for a racing game that's less than two years old – Need for Speed Unbound is the best entry the series has seen for ages, full of fun and with a welcome new direction.

It has great racing at its core, along with some interesting risk-reward mechanics that make its police chases feel more meaningful than they have in years. It looks great, too, and offers a whole heap of cars for a low price. 

Dead Cells – £9.99

Dead Cells turned into an absolute mega-hit over the years, and its release on PS5 ensures that you can play it in the crispest resolution possible, exploring its huge rogue-like offering.

Each time you drop in you'll try to get further than the last through its gauntlet of side-scrolling levels, each randomly generated and with different loot and layouts. You'll collect different weapons and power-ups, to make each run feel different.

Night in the Woods – £7.99

If you're looking for more of a narrative experience, Night in the Woods is simply superb – it's a side-scroller that's really all about the dialogue. You play as Mae, in a bit of a crisis and heading home to recalibrate.

Reconnecting with old friends and thinking about the shape of her life, there are countless emotional moments and cleverly written conversations to explore, with a really lovely and melancholic tone to it all. 

The Ascent – £7.49

For more action, this top-down shooter looks seriously amazing, and launched as an Xbox exclusive before later coming to PS5. The Ascent's science fiction world is really credible and grungy, and fun to explore.

Really, though, it's all about the shooting, which is kinetic and fun, with loads of weapons to master and enemies to overcome, and it also has co-op if you want to play with a friend. 

It Takes Two – £8.74

Speaking of co-op, you can pick up one of the best co-op games ever designed, It Takes Two, for less than a tenner right now. It's a fantastic genre-hopping adventure telling a story of family tension.

Each level offers a new twist and a new requirement in terms of cooperation, which ensures that it never gets boring or played out, and it's also fun and inventive in terms of its storytelling. 

Metro Saga Bundle – £7.49

If value is your concern, this is a brilliant deal since it's actually three games in one – the whole Metro Saga, but all brought up to match the visual power of the PS5. 

You get Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Last Light Redux and Metro Exodus, each of which is better than the last and offers more tense areas to sneak or fight through, and the trilogy tells a pretty interesting story across the three games. 

Call of the Sea – £6.39

This fun puzzle adventure game tells a relatively quick and tight story, as explorers get tangled up in more than they bargained for on an ancient island.

It has nice paranormal elements and fun striking visuals, but also some great voice acting work, which makes Call of the Sea really quite memorable. If you want a story-driven game that gives you a bit to do and some really head-scratching puzzles, look no further. 

Carrion – £4.79

For those looking to play something a little bit more unique than anything else we've named so far, Carrion could be perfect. 

It sees you take on the role of a mutated experiment that's broken out of its containment. You end up running amok through a secret facility, evading capture and growing ever more powerful as it absorbs new powers and, well, eats people. It's brilliant fun, and is nice and short, too. 

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