Helinox takes fun outdoors with new PLAY Collection

Get ready to play, people

Helinox announces PLAY Collection
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Helinox, the masterminds behind premium portable camping furniture, are set to add a playful twist to their lineup. Renowned for their lightweight Zero camping chair, Helinox is now venturing into the world of outdoor games with the introduction of their new PLAY collection.

Building on the company's mission to bring people together and enjoy the great outdoors, Helinox’s PLAY collection promises to deliver the same craftsmanship, portability, and durability that fans have come to expect. This new collection, launching in Spring 2025, includes four uniquely entertaining games:

  • Yutnori: A traditional Korean table game, where players throw four wooden sticks (yut) and move pieces (mal) based on the resulting combinations. The goal is to navigate all pieces around the board and return to the starting point before the opponent.
  • StringTrees: Helinox descibes this as a "shuffleboard-inspired game for the backcountry." The only image currently availabel of the collection depicts this game. 
  • HeliDrop: A test of throwing accuracy and skill
  • HeliDisc: Sounds like a combination of Jenga and frisbee, HeliDisc is a tower-toppling game of well-aimed throws.

Each game is designed to be portable and durable, ensuring fun from the backcountry to the backyard. The games pack down into small carry bags, featuring vibrant packaging that’s sure to catch the eye in stores. Prices for the PLAY collection range from $50 to $150, with more games expected to join the lineup in 2026.

“We designed PLAY to offer a wide group of outdoor enthusiasts another reason to gather and be outside, enjoying well-built outdoor games from a recognized brand,” said Azul Couzens, President of Helinox USA. “We’re excited to enter this category and provide our retail partners with a new, one-stop offering for their customers.”

For more info, visit Helinox today. 

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