Get 50% off Hampton & Astley super-luxe bedding

Hampton & Astley makes some of the most sumptuous bedding we've slept in ... and right now you can pick it up for half price

Hampton & Astley bedding
(Image credit: Hampton & Astley)

Hampton & Astley is a British brand dedicated to producing bedding and towels that bring a touch of luxury without sacrificing performance or usability. In fact, they make what we think are some of the best sheets on the market now. And if you head to the brand's site now you can get a whopping 50% off. When you land on the site you'll get a popup showing the offer: all you need to do is share your email address to unlock your exclusive discount code.

We've tested out the Hampton & Astley's long-staple cotton sateen bedding and were extremely impressed. The fabric is buttery soft and smooth, thanks to a fine thread count of 300 threads per square inch, and stays that way through washing. It's also is beautifully breathable, so you won't wake up tangled in a sweaty mess, and best of all, crease resistant – because ironing sheets is surely the most soul-destroying of all household chores).

Choose between three classy shades: white, subtle grey or rosy pink, to tie in with your decor. Wave goodbye to rough, crunchy or bobbly bedding now.

Sleep is one of the most important things for you health and wellbeing, and as well as investing in the very best mattress you can, it's worth making sure your bedding is up to scratch (you might also want to browse our guides to the best pillows and best duvets, for the ultimate sleep setup).

This brand's pricing is much more reasonable than you'd expect for such a luxe feeling set, and with that extra discount it's basically cheaper than most cheap bedding, so we reckon snap up this deal while you can. 

Hampton & Astley Duvet Cover and 2 pillow cases | From £54.99 for a double setGet 50% off now!

Hampton & Astley Duvet Cover and 2 pillow cases | From £54.99 for a double set
Get 50% off now! This bedding is buttery soft, smooth, breathable, and crease resistant – and right now is an absolute bargain, with a full double duvet and pillowcase set starting at under £55. Head to the Hampton & Astley site and enter your email address when prompted to unlock this offer. 

Note, you need to use your code within next 24 hours of getting it, and there's free UK shipping on all orders over £22.49. 

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