Half-price Amazon Echo Show 8 deal in LAST CHANCE Christmas gift saloon

The Amazon Echo Show 8 is half price right now, but you'll have to order NOW for delivery before Christmas

Amazon Echo Show 8 Christmas gifts deals
(Image credit: Amazon)

Here at T3 we've been recommending the Amazon Echo Show 8 as the ideal Christmas gift for many, with the smart home hub the perfect partner for many homes. Which is why we think this deal on it, which cuts 50% of the super popular touchscreen smart screen and speaker, is a must-see for anyone currently Christmas shopping.

Amazon's 8-inch Show is, in our eyes here at T3, along with its smaller sibling the Echo Show 5, one of the best screen-toting speaker hubs the retailer makes, with it delivering the full functionality of the original Show, which has a 10-inch screen, but in a more compact form factor that makes it slot into almost any room with ease.

From a positioning in the kitchen as a tool to draw up recipes, listen to the radio or watch instructional videos, to a placement in a living room as a smart home hub and entertainment unit, the Echo Show 8 delivers. 

And now, thanks to this deal, £60 has been slashed off the Show 8's cost. The units are selling insanely fast, though, with the product currently listed on Amazon's website as "In stock on December 21, 2019". That means that, if you want to take advantage of this deal, and get the product delivered before Christmas, then you need to pull the trigger now.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Amazon Echo Show 8 | Was £119.99 | Now £59.99 | Available now at Amazon
The Amazon Echo Show 8 delivers all the smarts of an Alexa smart speaker along with a 8-inch HD touchscreen. From watching YouTube videos to reading the news, to following food recipes, checking out what the weather is going to be like and making video calls, the Show 8 delivers. And it delivers in a compact a stylish form factor, too. Currently discounted by a large 50% at Amazon, which takes its price down from £119.99 to only £59.99. Free delivery is included.View Deal

Like the idea of the Show 8 but feel like you can manage with a little less screen real estate? Well, Amazon also has the Echo Show 5 discounted, which delivers the same touchscreen package but in a 5.5-inch form factor instead. It's compact and stylish, and ringing in as it does for under £50 right now, offers incredible value for money. Check the full details below:

Amazon Echo Show 5 | Was £79.99 | Now £49.99 | Available at Amazon
The smallest touchscreen smart speaker and hub that Amazon makes delivers a simply superb all-round value for money at the best of times. But now, with £30 cut off its cost it makes it a near instabuy if you're currently in the market for a quality smart home hub. Available in Black and White colourways, and with free delivery.View Deal

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