GTA 6 publisher believes a PS5 Pro is in the works

The publishers of the Grand Theft Auto series are anticipating a PS5 Pro to launch... will it have an effect on GTA 6?

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Rumours of Sony potentially giving the PS5 a glow-up have been around for a while now, but there has been silence from official sources when it comes to a possible PS5 Pro

Strauss Zaunick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive — who publish the Grand Theft Auto series has however spoken on the topic of the PS5 Pro in an earnings call. Asked by about whether we will see a boosted PS5 and even a revamped Xbox Series X, he replied: “We probably will.” He was however less than convinced by their impact on the Games Industry as a whole claiming, he doesn’t think they’ll “affect the business very much”.

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First of all, hurry up and make GTA 6 already, please! But it’s interesting to hear an industry insider claim that improved consoles wouldn’t be a game changer. Is that because they won’t be dramatic upgrades or have we reached a point of diminishing returns with current consumer gaming tech perhaps? It would be interesting to know exactly what platforms Rockstar is developing GTA 6 for. 

As for when we could get our hands on GTA 6, a new report from Take-Two has revealed it is planning for a very lucrative financial year 2024-2025. Take-Two is aiming for “$8 billion in Net Bookings and over $1 billion in Adjusted Unrestricted Operating Cash Flow,” in the current financial year Take-Two is aiming for $5.3 billion so that $3 billion jump will have to come from something new. Surely such a big headline figure will need a major software release, not just the continuation of GTA Online so perhaps GTA 6 will come in 2024, we do know it is in active development

As for the PS5 Pro, there have been plenty of rumours about the machine and even a so-called PS5 Slim with a detachable disk drive. 

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