GTA 6 insider reports Rockstar will "announce multiple projects" this Friday

A source that covers GTA 6 leaks has indicated "something very special" is coming this Friday

(Image credit: Rockstar)

To quote classic action movie Bad Boys 2, "s**t just got real", as a GTA 6 insider has just stated that according to their sources "Rockstar will announce multiple projects on Friday" and that they're sure that the day won't pass without the studio "announcing something very special".

This is really exciting news, as GTA 6 leaks have been escalating rapidly over the past few months, culminating over the past week with an excitingly soon release date leak, graphics upgrade bombshell and large map size revelation. This bombardment of info caused GTA 6 to trend on Twitter and excitement to spread throughout the Grand Theft Auto community online.

And now the long-running GTA 6 News & Leaks Twitter account has, mere hours ago, revealed that this Friday looks set to be a very big day, with "multiple projects" set to be announced by Rockstar including something "very special".

This Friday (Oct 22nd) is a notable day for Rockstar as it will mark GTA 3's 20th anniversary. October 25th, which is next Monday, also marks the 10th anniversary of GTA V. And, according to this insider's sources, Rockstar are going to not let this day pass without announcing something very special. Could that be GTA 6?

Well, it very well could be, as we've had multiple leaks stating that Rockstar is intending to announce GTA 6 in October-December this year. Now, most of those leaks, as linked to above, have pointed towards a November reveal date, but considering the multiple anniversary's that are taking place over the next week, it seems like a very apt time to give gamers their first glimpse of the next Grand Theft Auto.

The "multiple projects" element of this makes sense, too, as a GTA Remastered Trilogy has been leaked over the past month or so, too. Could we get a full announcement of the GTA Remastered Trilogy on Friday to celebrate the anniversary, as well as a teaser sneak peak at GTA 6? Right now that seems very possible based on the leaks we've got.

Here at T3 we think that there is a serious amount of smoke now around the GTA 6 reveal date, and that normally means that there is indeed a fire. A GTA 6 reveal date between now and the end of the year makes total sense in terms of Rockstar's traditional road map to release, too, with GTA V's reveal date occurring precisely two years before its release date. That would peg the GTA 6 release date as Oct-Dec 2023.

Again, to us here at T3, that 2023 date feels right as that will be 5 years since the release of Rockstar's last AAA game, Read Dead Redemption 2.

Here's hoping then that this Friday is anniversary that gamers can really look forward to, with GTA 6 being officially announced.

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