GTA 6 new feature wish list shows Rockstar how to make a 10/10 game

GTA 6 will be immense if it has these wish list features

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There's been a lot of leaks and rumors breaking cover recently about GTA 6, including whispers about the game's map size, graphics, music and AI.

This has caused GTA 6 to trend on Twitter and blow up in the Grand Theft Auto online community, with some gamers taking to Reddit to post their GTA 6 wish list in terms of new features and gameplay mechanics.

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And, the vast majority of these new feature requests would make GTA 6 a truly incredible game to play, so a big hat tip has to go out to the gamers requesting them. 

Hopefully Rockstar will include at least a few of these features before the game is released, which unfortunately is looking like someway off right now.

Here is the GTA 6 wish list.

A game with multiple cities, not just one

Until now GTA games have always been based primarily in just one city per game, such as San Andreas or Vice City. Yes, there have been forays outside of each game's main map here and there, but there's never been the ability to actually travel between multiple cities in a Grand Theft Auto game world.

Reddit user NewValleyTheSims3 thinks this would be something great to rectify in GTA 6, stating that, "What’s on my wish list? A 300gb GTA 6 where multiple cities are in it."

User Se-ddit agrees, too, calling for "the inclusion of two large cities, like VC and the GTA equivalent of Orlando/Tampa".

There's no doubt about it that the ability to get on, say, a Harley-Davidson motorbike and set off from your home in one city to travel across country to another, enjoying the adventure or simply taking in the sights, would be immense.

A mobile weapons stash and ageing gear

Reddit user ProfessionalFee6932 states that they would like to see "the personal horse and weapons stash thing from RDR2. Like a personal vehicle with all the weapons in the trunk. It would add so much to the gameplay instead of always having all the weapons on you."

In addition, the same user was also keen to see an aging effect brought into the game for gear and weapons, with "the more you play the more things get worn out, rusty, old, and lived in."

Both these requests would add another element of realism to GTA 6, as users would have to plan for the mission they were going on in terms of load out, as well as maintain their gear to ensure they operate on top form.

Drug dealing and smuggling

Reddit user Hu3yKnewTHen wants to really tap into the underworld element that GTA games often heavily base themselves in, calling for drug dealing and smuggling to be included in GTA 6.

"It’s been said before but drug dealing has to happen. Start off selling on the streets making a name for yourself and by the end have it be passive with people selling for you in your criminal empire. Bring back the drug economy from Chinatown Wars. If they actually do a second map like Cuba or something then smuggling cross country is an obvious choice."

An actual economy based around the player's actions and holdings sounds great, and would add an element of simulation into the GTA world. We're quite sure there would be fierce opposition to drug dealing mechanics, though, from some quarters.

A replayable story mode

Azamtang thinks that GTA 6 would really benefit from a replayable story mode, stating that:

"I like that idea of replayable story mode. It would be neat if they made multiple story lines. Like books that have multiple endings, but instead of just the ending being different like GTA 5, multiple choices throughout the story, compounding so there are an array if different outcomes."

That would sure be a lot of work but there's no doubting that a little more variety in terms of narrative direction would be good for GTA, as it is basically all just on the rails normally until a few choices in terms of end-game results.

NPCs with real lives

The worlds of GTA tend to be large and have a lot of NPCs in them, but they're all just hyper-dumb walk-bots that shuffle around until they got shot or run over. Reddit user AdjunctFunktopus thinks this can be improved by giving NPCs lives in GTA 6.

"Have an NPC leave his/her house at 7am and drive to work, then maybe they walk to lunch at 12 and drive home in the afternoon. Have a different NPC get up and drive to the junkyard before getting in their garbage truck and doing rounds through the city. Have delivery drivers make rounds to actual stores before going back to warehouse. Have the train pick up railcars at the port and deliver them.

"This could have interesting impacts on gameplay. Traffic jams might be a thing at certain parts of the day. Nights will be quieter. Beaches will get busier on the weekends. You could stalk an NPC target and find out where they live, work, eat and shop so you can best assassinate them for a mission. Or you might plan escape routes based on the traffic at the time you rob a place."

And, finally, the ability to urinate on demand

Last but not least on the gamers' wish list for GTA 6 is mrcharhead's request for a "piss button like postal 2".

Um, maybe not.

And now for my own GTA 6 wish list

GTA 6 is clearly going to be a landmark title for gamers and the industry and I for one can't wait for it. However, there are still plenty of things the game needs to improve upon over GTA V to make it a must buy for me. Here's my GTA 6 wish list.

1. Better written characters (especially female ones)

The writing in GTA V was at many times simply embarrassing in my opinion. The needlessly macho, Hollywood B movie wannabe dialogue between the ridiculously male biased main cast of characters aimed for cool and funny and ended up disappointingly cliched and at times just plain boring. I didn't care for GTA V's main characters and that stopped me engaging and getting immersed.

In addition, the lack of well-written and even remotely normal or positive female characters in the game was infamous on release and still clouds my opinion (and many other gamers' opinions) of it to this day.

I'd love a female protagonist in GTA 6, but only if she wasn't going to be cliched, overly sexualised mess that GTA V women were. Come on Rockstar, sort it out.

2. Enhanced customisation in terms of character home

The ability to really customise your home in GTA 6 and even where that home is on the map would be a great addition to the series. So far we've never had the sort of freedom such a large open world game would suggest you could have in GTA, with that sort functionality restricted to some pretty darn neat PC mods that millions of gamers don't have access to.

Immersion for me is key in enjoying role playing games of any sort, including open world third person games like GTA, so to have better control over my character's home would be fantastic.

Completely dynamic home placement seems far fetched, but a greater selection of plots to buy and an expanded menu for customising that plot in terms of building construction and furnishings sure doesn't.

3. Less of a pervasive cartoonish and comedic tone

This kind of goes back to the writing but also to the actual design of characters and world objects in general. GTA has always, sometimes notoriously, skirted a line between extreme violence, adult themes and slapstick, gross-out, surrealist comedy, but I think it's time for the series to grow up a bit.

I'm not saying lets rip out the core of what GTA is, but if characters and events can have like 17 per cent more realism and maturity thrown on top then I think it would actually take the series to an entire new level.

I want to live the story of the characters in this game, and I can't do that when immersion is being shattered by notably cartoonish events, characters and mini-games.

4. Better AI and smarter, more alive NPCs

I've heard some really exciting things already about how Rockstar is really doubling down on AI for its future games and GTA 6 would benefit massively from this. According to official information, Rockstar is working right now to:

1. "Improve the responsiveness and quality of humans and animals with lower production costs".

2. Develop "machine learning approaches".

3. Create "better parity between AI and player-controlled characters".

I've also heard that Rockstar is working on a evolving, seasonal map with things like dynamic weather and events.

Roll all this together and it doesn't take a genius to see that GTA 6 would feel massively more alive with these improvements. You'd be able to have more NPCs acting smarter and with greater degrees of complexity, more realistic in-game elements like weather and reactions to events, and better gameplay, too.

5. A larger, load-free world with more interiors

We've seen the sort of lightning fast, loading-screen-free gameplay that is possible on titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, with the PS5's rubbed-in-cheetah-blood fast SSD allowing buttery smooth seamless gameplay. And if there's one series that needs that more than any other then it's GTA.

If GTA 6 can deliver an open world that is larger than ever before and, crucially, remove loading screens, then enhanced immersion could be delivered. And especially so if we have far more buildings with actual interiors, and not just unpassable facades.

For me this would help mitigate my disappointment, as I've written about before, with the rumored GTA 6 location, as I'd be able to live where I want and design my home as I want.

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