GTA 6 leak circulates reveal date and map size – and I'm crazy excited

A GTA 6 reveal could be very, very close if this new leak proves accurate

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

The GTA 6 reveal date is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the gaming industry right now, but that hasn't stopped a popular online social media news channel from circulating when, according to its sources, it will be announced.

And the news channel has not only circulated the GTA 6 reveal date but also just how big the game's map size will be in comparison to its predecessor, GTA V.

The so-juicy-it-hurts GTA 6 rumour comes courtesy of popular social media channel ThatsSoBold, who in an Instagram post states that, "GTA 6 will be announced Nov-Dec" and that its map "will be 3 times bigger" than that of GTA V.

In addition, GTA 6 will reportedly take place in Miami and will feature hurricanes, alligators and more. The GTA 6 map will also reportedly change over time with updates from Rockstar, according to the leak.

Now, this has got me crazy excited as, firstly, if this leak is accurate then we could be just a month or so out from getting our first taste of GTA 6.

And, secondly, some of the details mentioned in this info bomb we've heard from other sources previously. For example, this leak says that GTA 6 will be set in Miami, which is something that a previous leak stated, too, albeit in its fictional incarnation of Vice City.

In addition, T3 has also previously reported on the GTA 6 leak that its map will evolve over time.

And small details like there will be hurricanes and other dynamic weather built into the game hints at the sort of advanced AI we know that Rockstar is working on.

Now, of course, there is clearly the possibility that this report is largely based on those previously reported leaks and has had some groundless dates and map size details splashed on.

However, if what we've heard about the rumored GTA 6 release date is true, then a first sneak-peak reveal this winter holiday season doesn't sound far fetched at all.

And with the power that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have on tap, which is over 5 times the power of the PS4 and Xbox One, which GTA V was designed for, a map size that is 3 times bigger doesn't sound inaccurate either.

Hopefully the raised levels of excitement I now feel for GTA 6 won't be quashed, then, as I think for me and millions of other gamers it would be really exciting to see even just a tiny bit of how special the next Grand Theft Auto game is going to be.

Here's just hoping they write some good, interesting and less cliched female characters this time round.

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