GTA 6 clue hints at excitingly soon reveal date

Another piece of the GTA 6 reveal date puzzle might just have slotted into place, and gamers should be very excited

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Here we go! Following a series of GTA 6 leaks over the past month culminating in the game both trending on Twitter and an official job listing hinting at an incredible graphics upgrade, a discovery reported to hold clues as to when the next Grand Theft Auto could be revealed has begun circulating online.

And, the exciting news is that the GTA 6 reveal date timing window deduced from this discovery is at the same time as not just one but multiple other leaks have suggested it will be. The find, which is now circulating through the Grand Theft Auto community online, points to a GTA 6 reveal in late November this year, with November 24th highlighted.

This November 24th date not only ticks the "GTA 6 will be announced Nov" leak that T3 reported on last week, but also is just one day out from another recent leak from Reddit that stated that "Rockstar will finally tease GTA 6 on November 23rd".

There are other leaks, too, that have pointed to a GTA 6 reveal in late 2021, and combined these seemingly have built up a serious head of steam in terms of validity, which is perhaps the reason why a very obscure Easter Egg in Red Dead Redemption 2 has caused such a stir.

To cut a very long story short, a discovery was made by a YouTuber in RDR2 that they then tied to Grand Theft Auto and, excitingly for us, a potential GTA 6 reveal date. In the game the remains of a man can be found in a remote spot and on his person is a letter that, so the YouTuber explains, has a double meaning and relates to actual events and characters in the real world connected with Rockstar and their owner Take-Two Interactive.

There's lots of interesting if unproveable theorising made by the YouTuber about the contents of the letter and what it really means, but the big take-away from the letter is its date, which is November 24.

And, where things get even more exciting, is that if the GTA 6 reveal date is 24 November, 2021, then that means that the GTA 6 release date looks nailed on to be in November 2023. How do we know this? Because that two-year window is exactly what there was between the reveal and release dates of both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Basically, if Rockstar stays to form in terms of its reveal to release schedule, then PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers can look forward to playing GTA 6 in November 2023. And, that's no doubt great news for many, who were burned recently by a rumor that suggested GTA 6 might not see daylight until 2025.

So, there's clearly a lot of leak here and plenty of rumor, and very little of what we've heard can be substantiated at all. As such, the usual salt shaker should most definitely be on hand.

However, there's no doubting that GTA 6 rumors and leaks have accelerated massively over the past couple of months and that could be a sign of exciting things to come. And come soon at that, with November 24th now just under 5 weeks away.

Here's hoping, then, that gamers get their first glimpse of GTA 6 sooner rather than later, as there's no doubting that it is the number one cross-platform game that most gamers are wishing for.

The power that the PS5 and Xbox Series X have on tap mean that Rockstar should be able to really flex its muscles in terms of scope and visual fidelity in GTA 6, and that should make the game a real benchmark for what the next-gen consoles are capable of.

If the game does release in 2023 then this will mean that both consoles will be comfortably into their lifecycles, with developers understanding how to program for them and squeeze every last drop of performance from them

Equally, gamers will have the accessories, such as those found in T3's best Xbox controllers, best gaming headsets and best PS5 SSD buying guides, to really take the next-gen experience to an even higher level. This means that they will be perfectly positioned to enjoy GTA 6 to the maximum.

I'm excited and I imagine a lot of other gamers are, too.

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