Google's Pixel 6 'Pixel Pass' bundle delivers the ultimate Android experience – here's how

Apple One meets its match in the Pixel Pass

Pixel 6
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An exciting new leak has given us our first piece of information regarding Google’s Pixel Pass subscription service.

Likely to be launched around the same time as the upcoming Google Pixel 6 smartphones, the Pixel Pass will commit regular updates to Pixel devices and access to “key first-party services,” including YouTube Premium and Google Fi phone plans. In essence, users will pay a fixed monthly fee and get access to a Pixel phone with an extended warranty and device upgrades. Not bad at all.

First spotted by Pixel superfan Michael Brown, users who pay the pre-set monthly fee can enjoy comprehensive access to the full Android experience while being able to use other first-party services like Google One and Play Pass – though Google Stadia isn’t featured in the leaked image.

It is, of course, markedly similar to Apple’s iPhone upgrade program, albeit Google’s Android-powered take on it. The iPhone upgrade program gives users the latest iPhone every year, as well as bundling in the company’s key online services for a monthly fee. The leaked image reveals more clues around what to expect from the Pixel Pass program when it comes to trade-ins, as well. Users will be able to trade in an old phone when moving to the Pixel Pass program, plus there’s even an option to purchase Pixel Pass membership through Google Store. 

Access all Android areas under one bill

For now, the Pixel Pass looks to be mostly a US-exclusive at launch and Google hasn't provided any additional details in terms of an international launch. Following yesterday's leaked service manuals and the recent mishap from the Carphone Warehouse that spilled more details on what to expect from the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, there's now not a great deal that remains a mystery ahead of the launch. 

Besides some interesting information around the specially designed Google Tensor silicon, the Pixel Pass info is a breath of fresh air amongst a sea of repetitive rumors that we've already heard. However, to stress again: just because it's a novel leak, it doesn't necessarily follow that it's true. We'll have to wait until October 19 for the grand unveiling to see what's what with the Pixel-line of flagships. You can check out our guide on how to watch the launch, so you don't miss any of the Pixel proceedings as they unfold.

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