Google's best cheap Pixel gets a price cut plus free charger for Amazon Prime Day

Fancy the Google Pixel 7a, which is one of T3's top 3 best Android phones, plus a 30W charger for £399?

Google Pixel 7a deal
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I've been fortunate enough to review most of the best Android phones for many years now, and while at the higher-end (and costlier part) of the market the likes of Pixel 7 Pro rule the roost, if you're looking for one of Google's best cheap phones then there's this awesome early Amazon Prime Day deal. 

I'm talking about the Google Pixel 7a, the 2023-release 'entry-level' model in the phone-maker's Pixel range, which currently sits in T3's top three position of the best Android phones of 2023, winning the best budget slot. 

But just because the Pixel 7a is more affordable – and, indeed, now even more affordable again thanks to this deal and bonus accessory bundle – doesn't mean it's unnecessarily cutting any corners. This Pixel phone is a p-p-perfect purchase for Android lovers.

Google Pixel 7a with 30W charger: was £449now £399 at

Google Pixel 7a with 30W charger: was £449, now £399 at
The best budget Google Pixel phone has dropped a full £50 for Amazon Prime Day, plus you get a bundled 30W charger included in the delivery to add an additional perk to your purchase. So if you're seeking out an affordable Android handset, you needn't look further than this bargain. 

Buying the Pixel 7a today makes sense for a number of reasons. Firstly it's one of Google's current-gen phones, so you're not going to forego any of the latest hardware or features. Google is very open when it comes to the latter: as the 7a has Google Magic Eraser, for example, among its exclusive 'Google-only' features list. 

Secondly, it's one hell of a lot cheaper than buying the top-tier Google Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. I'm talking almost half the price of the best-of-best and 2023 T3 Awards-winning Best Phone model of the year. Yet you don't sacrifice to excess for this money saving, because the 7a features the very same Google Tensor G2 chipset as found in its higher-spec cousins. 

Thirdly, and kind of obviously as part of this package deal, there's a bundled charger included. That may almost sound insignificant, but it's not: many phones these days don't include the plug in the box, Google's phones included, so to get one that can deliver the best fast-charging speeds of the Pixel 7a is an obvious bonus. Especially as, in effect, it's a freebie in addition to the money-saving aspect. 

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