Google wants rid the world of the spacebar


Monks had a habit (excuse the pun) of writing things in scriptio continua, which is a style of writing bereft of spaces between words. They also wrote in classical latin, making it doubly difficult for us plebs to read. On the face of it Google's new patent to get rid of the spacebar looks like pretty wacko idea.

However, the patent may not be as daft as you think. In a quest to ditch parts of the laptop deemed superfluous (wonder where they got that idea; I'm looking at you Apple!), Google would really like to combine the spacebar with the trackpad.

According to the patent it was recently granted, Google has devised a keyboard without a key for a spacebar. This means the trackpad is squeezed into that space with the top portion of it used as a spacebar. This means that Google could design ever-smaller Chromebooks.

The patent details how the trackpad would differentiate between the taps and clicks you make when using the trackpad as a mouse from the taps you make when typing a space between words.

If the trackpad thinks you are swiping and navigating the user interface, clicking any area would record a mouse click. However, if you are typing away, the trackpad would figure out a tap or click as an attempt to press what would have been the spacebar.

Of course, having a patent doesn't mean that Google would actually do such a thing, but it does signify that laptops are becoming vanishingly small. Also, such a feature would take some getting used to.