Google plans major performance boost for Pixel Fold 2, claims report

Google's next foldable could be a serious step up

Google Pixel Fold review
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Foldable phones are pretty sexy. It's undeniable that they have a wow fact that candy bar models just can't match, but they often struggle to compete with similar-priced non-folding flagships. 

Take the Pixel Fold for example, Google's first foldable was a decent first attempt with a beautiful big screen, but it wasn't quite there performance-wise. While the Tensor G2 processor is capable enough, it lags behind compared to the cheaper Pixel 8 Pro's Tensor G3 setup. 

Well with the Pixel Fold 2 it looks like we won't have the same problem. According to one of Android Authority's sources, the next foldable could bypass the G3 chipset and go straight to a brand new Tensor G4 processor.

Early prototypes apparently featured the G3 chip under the codename 'Zuma' but the device is now supposedly being referred to as the 'Zumapro'. Why is this significant? Because it's happened before.

The official image of the Google Pixel Fold

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The Pixel Tablet was referred to as 'Tangor' internally at Google when early versions featured the first generation Tensor system and then 'Tangorpro' when it was released with Tensor G2 tech instead. That's pretty compelling evidence for the existence of Tensor G4, although it might mean that we have to wait a bit longer to see the Pixel Fold 2 released, as a Google I/O is already not that far away.  

 Another upgrade is supposedly in the works too, with the Pixel Fold 2 seemingly set to be the first Pixel phone to come with 16GB of RAM. With Google's love of AI features this would be a pretty noticeable jump in performance. 

That would be a significant boost to the next Pixel Fold's offering, but how else could it win us round? Well aside from the considerable price tag, we'd like to see a reduced screen bezel, a refining of the software with foldable displays in mind and improved cooling and battery life. That would see it really challenge the dominance of the likes of the Samsung Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 on our best foldable phones list. 

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