Google Pixel users are getting a nifty free software upgrade

The popular Android phone range is getting a suite of nifty new features right now

Google Pixel 7 Pro
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Quick Summary

Google just announced its latest Pixel Feature Drop with a host of new goodies for users.

That affects devices including phones, smartwatches and tablets.

When it comes to Android phones, no manufacturer can boast an offering quite like the Google Pixel range. As the only device manufactured by Google, it offers a hardware and software experience which is designed with integration in mind.

If you thought the spec sheet was good to begin with, you'll find it even better when Google push out updates and new features. And that is exactly what has just happened. A new software update – called a Pixel Feature Drop in Google land – has emerged, offering a host of neat new goodies for users. 

Chief among them is an improvement to the Call Screen feature. That will now allow Google Assistant to check in with a caller, when they remain silent on the line.

Instagram users will also be happy here. The devices will now act natively in the app, allowing users to capture vivid 10-bit HDR videos directly to Instagram Reels, and share Ultra HDR images on your feed.

For fans of the older Google Pixel 7 range, there's another big improvement. The popular Circle to Search function is coming to those handsets, making it easier than ever to get hold of the information you need.

It's not just phones which get a boost. The first Google Pixel Watch will also see some additional features included onboard. Pace Training will arrive for those looking to train their race pace.

Heart Zone training will also arrive. That allows users to track their time spent in each different heart rate zone during a workout, to enable them to train better.

There is even more on offer as part of the Feature Drop. It's a really remarkable suite of upgrades for users, across a whole range of devices. 

Users should be able to gain access to the features right away. As ever, though don't fret if things aren't available right away – just keep an eye on the updates page in your settings, or on the individual apps in question.

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