Google Pixel Fold looks set to get a significant software upgrade soon

The foldable phone should soon be much easier to use

Google Pixel Fold
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The Google Pixel Fold looks set to get a massive update to increase the usability when switching between displays.

That comes as part of the Android 15 Developer Preview.

If you're a close admirer of the technology world, you'll know all about how foldable phones have grown in popularity. Once the plaything of dreamers, this technology represents the absolute forefront of the modern market.

Just as with the brands' more traditional Android phones, much is expected of the Google Pixel Fold. It's the only handset available on the market which fuses Google-designed hardware with the Android software.

Still, that doesn't make it perfect. There are always things to learn from others in the market – and that's exactly what the brand appear to be doing right now.

As reported by Android Police, the latest Android 15 Developer Preview adds a new feature to the Pixel Fold which is borrowed from the OnePlus Open. That allows users to swipe up on the outer display when closing the device to continue using whichever app they had active on the inner display.

In the latest Developer Preview, a similar feature comes to the Pixel Fold. That allows users to globally set their preference for this.

Selecting 'Always' will allow users to always continue using the app from the inner display when they close the device. 'Never' ensure the front display will always lock when the handset is closed. 

Now, 'Swipe up to continue' exists as the third option. That allows users to swipe up on the outer display to continue using their app, or leave it for a few seconds to let the device lock.

That's a decent upgrade. One of the best things about the Android operating system is being able to customise the experience to your preference. If you have a foldable phone, being able to adjust the interplay between displays is going to make a significant difference to the overall experience.

The update is currently still in an early stage, though. Based on historic release schedules, early beta access should be on offer from early in the summer, with a public release expected around the autumn.

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