Google Pixel 8 could get a brilliant processor upgrade

New details suggest the Tensor G3 chip could fix a big Pixel phone issue

Google Pixel 8 Pro and 8
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Almost a year ago, the Google Pixel 7 range was launched. It marked one of the most substantial moments for the Pixel range, bringing a top-tier camera system and strong performance to the handsets, while still undercutting many of the big players on price.

It's part of the reason why the Google Pixel 7 Pro has spent most of the last year sat atop our guide to the best Android phones on the market. But now, focus has turned to its successor – the Google Pixel 8.

Now, more details have emerged about the Tensor G3 processor which is said to power that range. And it could fix one big issue which has plagued the Tensor range for years – heating.

See, while the current crop of devices are strong, they have been known to overheat in certain situations. Google, it seems, is hoping to do away with that on the next generation. And to do that, they're making use of something called Fan-out Wafer-level Packaging – or FO-WPL to its friends.

Lets not get bogged down in the specifics of how that works though. Instead, we're going to focus on the benefits, which include reduced heat generation and increased power efficiency. Those are two great things to have in a phone processor, and could stand to dramatically improve performance overall.

The news comes from Tech_Reve – a well-regarded tech tipster with a good track record for leaking information about upcoming tech products. That gives a good degree of credence to the claims.

It sounds like a fantastic upgrade. As mentioned, the current crop of Pixel handsets are already pretty stellar, so improving on that form is a good sign. In particular, this upgrade – which looks set to better the performance of previous Tensor chips – is a great sign. Added efficiency should improve battery life and overall performance, while the overheating issues could be rectified in the same stroke.

We don't have too long to wait and find out, either. With the event set to take place on the 4th of October, we're just over three weeks from seeing everything unveiled for the first time. If you want to watch the Google Pixel 8 launch event, check out our handy guide for doing just that.

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