Google Pixel 6 is getting a stylish update thanks to Tiny Tempah and other celebs

Google has a passion for fashion with the Pixel 6

Pixel 6
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Pixel 6 users seem to be having lots of fun with Google's latest flagship, as well as those who own the more premium, Google Pixel 6 Pro. Both phones have quite rightly scored highly in reviewers' estimations across the web. 

Today builds on that enjoyment with the launch of the Google Pixel 6: Material You Collection. The project is a limited edition digital fashion collection that celebrates individuality, self-expression, and the beauty of customization – all of which is determined by the new Pixel 6’s ability to learn and adapt to you.

For those unaware of the hype train that is digital fashion, then fasten your seatbelt because it's big business. Digital fashion is the visual representation of physical clothes, used to dress images and online personas. Think of it as a sort of digital changing room where customized garments can be tried on virtually. 

The Material You collection brings together “The Pixel 6,” comprising style influencers Tinie Tempah, Bettina Looney, Radam Ridwan, Sophie Butler, Jack Guinness, and Kyle De’Volle, who will co-create Google’s first digital collection in partnership with leading fashion house, The Fabricant. The result is a 12-piece sustainable collection of unisex garments that can be worn by everyone with no carbon footprint thanks to the innovative tech that lets you overlay garments onto yourself. 


(Image credit: Google)

Design-wise, the Pixel 6 was used to help develop concepts for the clothes, including the Pixel 6's camera to capture inspiration for mood boards using the new game-changing Magic Eraser tool and the dynamic color. We've got a full rundown of the new Pixel's camera upgrades, which exceeded expectations in review. The Magic Eraser tool, of course, is the other nifty little Pixel feature that detects distractions in your photos, suggests what could be removed, and then lets you choose to erase them all at once, or one at a time, with a simple tap.

The style influencers above are each known for their individuality. Google has brought them together to help showcase the power of the Pixel 6 smartphone, which is founded on technological innovations that help us to express our individuality and customize everything in our world – from digital wardrobes right through to the best Android phones.

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