Google accidentally leaks the Pixel 8 Pro... again!

The forthcoming Pixel 8 Pro has been posted on an official Google website for the second time

Google Pixel 8 Pro leak
(Image credit: Mishaal Rahman)

Google will officially launch its Pixel 8 series phones on Wednesday 4 October at a Made by Google hardware event in New York. However, we will likely have seen pretty much everything there is to see before then – mainly thanks to Google itself.

As well as a lifestyle photo of the Pixel 8 Pro, which it accidentally posted early on a Google Store website, the company has now blundered again. It added the handset to its "Pixel Simulator" pages, where prospective owners can see tutorials and 3D images of each of Google's devices.

The Pixel 8 Pro section was soon taken down, but not before some keen-eyed online tipsters managed to get some screen grabs and images.

One of them was Mishaal Rahman, who also posted the original marketing slip-up. He was tipped off by José Rubén on X (Twitter) and subsequently managed to get some grabs.

"No way, it happened AGAIN," he exclaims on his new post.

The Google site also confirmed the different colour options of porcelain (white), licorice (black) and sky (blue). Hovering over the small yellow dots on each view also revealed some key details, such as the much-rumoured temperature sensor

That is situated on the rear, as part of the camera bar. It is claimed that it will be able to take accurate ambient temperature and display the information on the front.

Other recent rumours suggest that the flagship Android phone will be powered by the new Tensor G3 chipset, which isn't massively surprising really.

It's also said that the handset could ditch the physical SIM tray – in some regions, at least. There are claims that it will switch entirely to eSIM instead.

While many handsets offer this option, it's usually as part of a dual SIM strategy, so it'll be interesting whether the move will impact sales. We're not so bothered ourselves, as eSIM does seem to work well in the phones we've used it in.

Apart from the Pixel 8 series handsets, Google is also expected to unveil its second generation smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch 2, during the Made by Google event.

We'll bring you more on that and any further slip-ups as the live launch nears.

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