Go! Go! Go! Nintendo Switch Lite is still in stock, but it is selling out FAST

Want a Nintendo Switch Lite to play during lockdown? Then move now to avoid disappointment

Nintendo Switch Lite
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The Nintendo Switch Lite is still in stock but, unfortunately for gamers, it is selling out really, really fast. The prospect of being trapped in the home during lockdown has led to anyone thinking of pulling the trigger on a console to do so all at once, and that has left store shelves bare and warehouses empty of the hot handheld.

Look around right now and, while many stores still advertise Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles, when you actually go to ring one up you are faced with the dreaded "Out of Stock" warning, or at best a note that stock is not expected to return for months.

And, what's worse, scalpers looking to make a quick buck have bought many of these systems and are now charging ludicrous, wallet-gouging mark-ups on them at online auction houses.

If you're fast, though, a cache of regularly priced Nintendo Switch Lite consoles that has been flying under the radar for the past few days still has some units available, even though these are also now going. There are still consoles available, though, and in a variety of colourways.

The stockist may surprise many, too, as you would expect it to be the first place to see a run on by eager gamers, but in fact it one of the very last places where a Nintendo Switch Lite can be found. The retailer is the official Nintendo Store, and it has normal price yellow, grey and turquoise Switch Lite consoles up for grabs.

Those in-stock Nintendo Switch Lite deals can be seen below:

Nintendo Switch Lite: in stock deals

Nintendo Switch Lite | Yellow | £199.99 | Available now

Nintendo Switch Lite | Yellow | £199.99 | Available now
Nintendo itself now has stock of the Nintendo Switch Lite in its yellow colourway for a regular retail price of £199.99. Free delivery is included.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Turquoise | £199.99 | Available now

Nintendo Switch Lite | Turquoise | £199.99 | Available now
The attractive turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite variant is also still in stock at the official Nintendo Store and, as with the deal above, will be delivered to your door free.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Grey | £199.99 | Available now

Nintendo Switch Lite | Grey | £199.99 | Available now
The grey Switch Lite, which is ideal for those gamers who desire a more mature aesthetic, is also available at the official Nintendo Store. Free delivery is included in the price.

Right now one of the absolute best games to play in Nintendo Switch Lite is the fantastic Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which has been receiving top scores from gaming media outlets worldwide. There's some tidy deals to be had on the game, too, and today's best in stock prices can be found below:

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