Gift guide: Dyson’s Corrale hair straighteners are the luxury Christmas gift women want

A glamorous Christmas gift for people who love to groom

Dyson Corrale
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Hair tools always make for practical but slightly luxurious Christmas presents, and Dyson’s Corrale is possibly the most coveted grooming gift this year. The hair straighteners’ revolutionary design and technology is what makes the Corrale so special, because it incorporates unique flexible copper plates that enable the user to achieve a professional finish with less heat and thermal hair damage.

Another important feature is that the styling tool is cordless and chargeable, so anyone who receives this hair tool can use it anywhere they like, which is a real bonus when getting ready.

As with all Dyson products, this one is well built and made to last, and would look great on any dressing room table. It’s certainly a little more ‘extra’ than other hair straighteners, but that’s why it makes a brilliant present.

Who’s it for?

Put-together princesses: The Dyson Corrale is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve the perfect hairstyle while trying to minimise the damage to their hair.

Hapless hairdressers: People who have been frustrated or unsuccessful with traditional straighteners, when whisps of hair ‘escape’ from between the fixed plates, would appreciate these straighteners in their stocking.

Frequent travellers: Because the Corrale straighteners are cordless and can be charged up, they are terrific for travelling, especially for short trips when the owner might be able to leave the charger at home.

Dyson devotees: Like all Dyson products, these straighteners are well designed, contain innovative tech, feel solid and look great.

Age range:

Although there’s no official age range, the Corrale straighteners are suitable for teenagers and adults who want that sleek hairstyle and are willing to invest in it.

Dyson Coralle

(Image credit: Dyson)

What makes it the perfect gift?

Hair damage reduction: The Dyson Corrale straighteners have been designed to reduce heat damage to hair caused by hair straightening. This is because the Corrale’s unique flexible plates reduce the need for successive straightening attempts. Users can also choose from three heat settings to suit different hair types and styles, boosting efficiency further.

Portability: The straighteners deliver up to 30 minutes cordless styling, using a 4-cell lithium-ion battery. If a user needs to style for longer, a magnetic cable can be attached allowing them to style in hybrid charge mode. The straighteners can also be fully re-charged in 70 minutes. 

If users want to take them on holiday abroad, the hair tool has a flight-ready feature and universal volage, making life a little easier. It also comes with a handy heat resistant travel pouch.

Good looks: The Corrale’s design in black nickel and fuchsia is striking. The current special gift edition comes with an equally attractive Dyson designed paddle brush and detangling comb, which would make a seriously special gift for someone who takes pride in looking good and enjoys getting ready.

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