GHD Rise is brand-new smart hot brush which pumps up the volume

The Rise precisely monitors its temperature 250 times per second

GHD Rise
(Image credit: GHD)

If hair volume is what you want, then look no further. GHD has just announced its latest product, the Rise smart hot brush.

Designed to deliver precise heat to your hair from root to tip, the GHD Rise promises to create twice the volume compared to naturally dried hair.

Simply lift your locks from the roots with the Rise’s smooth-touch nylon bristles, and glide effortlessly through the lengths to add shape, body and fullness.

The Rise employs what GHD calls “unique ultra-zone smart technology,” which monitors the temperature across the 32mm barrel 250 times per second, ensuring it stays at a steady 185 degrees centigrade.

(Image credit: GHD)

It then intelligently adjusts the power based on the speed of your styling, producing optimal temperature and consistent results.

The nylon bristles are designed to ensure the closest contact, to lift hair from the root and glide smoothly through each length without tangling into knots. 

Jeroen Temmerman, boss of GHD, said: “With volume continuing to be a popular searched term for hair and with a high lack of trust in volumising products, we wanted to set out to achieve an easy-to-use tool that delivers that trust and amazing results, every time.”

The GHD Rose hot brush is available today! Check out the best prices below:

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